Top 9 Essential Features for a Successful TRIRIGA® Mobile Experience

Top 9 Essential Features for a Successful TRIRIGA® Mobile Experience

Mobile apps for TRIRIGA bring the power of the platform to the hands of your mobile workforce. Across scheduling, maintenance, and inventory management, the right mobile application gives your team the means to problem-solve in the field and streamline communication on all fronts—provided those applications have the right features! Consider these 9 features as must-haves for getting the most out of your TRIRIGA investment.

1. Service management and data access

TRIRIGA stores documents, procedures, reports, and manuals in its database—but can your technicians access these documents on the go? Make sure the solution includes tools that let workers access the centralized database while in the field. This is the easiest way to support their productivity and speed up service delivery.

2. Inventory tracking and visibility

The best TRIRIGA mobile apps provide complete visibility into inventory performance across the entire supply chain. From inventory counts to processing transactions to allocation of inventory to specific work orders, make sure your chosen application lets you manage your stock and improve demand sensing in your supply chain.

3. Flexibility

Not every TRIRIGA mobile app has the flexibility to adapt to a company’s specific business needs. Make sure the app you choose is modular enough to align with whatever gaps may exist in your current workforce management.

4. IWMS configurability

The mobile apps you choose should integrate directly with your native TRIRIGA IWMS platform. Some apps will require you to go through an intermediate server, but these solutions are older and are already outdated compared to the modern TRIRIGA mobile apps in the marketplace. This is a big aspect of your mobile app integration, so make configurability a priority.

5. Inspection and maintenance

Look for features that let you take a proactive approach to facility inspections and maintenance. Your app should let you log issues, set reminders, or contact other technicians for any given maintenance issue. The app should provide a framework for making specific assessments of buildings, repairs, or historical property records.

6. Authorization and approvals

Project approvals across technicians and supervisors are a known bottleneck. If you want a truly connected and integrated mobile workforce, you need a way to respond to these authorization requests quickly. Look for apps that let you easily approve time entries, set priorities, and manage multiple work groups.

7. Requests and order logging

Every technician must have the means to log requests and work orders from anywhere in the field, complete with notes, visual aids, and any other contextual information that technicians might need to find a solution.

8. Automatic record syncing

The days of manual syncing are over. Look for apps that automatically synchronize changes across all records to ensure that all workers are on the same page. This is a crucial aspect of mobile workforce management, particularly when you have technicians working in areas with poor wireless signal connectivity. The faster these records can update, the more efficient your team will be.

9. Cost efficiency

Some TRIRIGA mobile app suites come with services that can’t be unbundled from one another, but this isn’t ideal. Companies inevitably end up paying for services they don’t need. Instead, look for providers who can customize your app suite to the specific functions (inventory management, scheduling, etc.) that your company needs.

Bringing TRIRIGA Into the Field

Though these nine features are essential to the success of any mobile workforce using TRIRIGA, they’re only the tip of the iceberg in terms of implementation strategy.

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