The Top IBM TRIRIGA Consultants are Here

When businesses, non-profits, or educational institutions manage their real estate portfolio, capital projects, and environmental operations, help is sometimes necessary. Many turn to an application suite called an Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) which provides this functionality within a singular platform.

IBM TRIRIGA is a preeminent example of an IWMS assisting organizations in both the public and private sector. It lets executives and management make the right choices by providing actionable information about their organization in an easy to access manner. This includes decision-making on a wide range of processes from facilities management to optimizing the efficiency of a distributed workforce.

Getting the most out of TRIRIGA requires the help of experienced consultants who boast both technical know-how and business acumen. eCIFM Solutions, Inc. are experts when it comes to the IWMS. Let’s see how we are able to assist your organization.

We are Experts in TRIRIGA and Other IWMS Services

We at eCIFM are considered one of the top IWMS implementers in the technology industry. Our consultants ensure your business gets the most of its investment in TRIRIGA or an IWMS from another vendor. With years of experience, our team provides the right expertise to address your business needs – no matter how complex.

Since we employ some of the world’s leading TRIRIGA experts, we are able to guide your firm on getting a handle on its corporate real estate portfolio. Worried about FASB compliance in 2019 and beyond? We ensure your IWMS lets you successfully account for its leased properties and leased equipment or assets.

Of course, not all businesses are the same, so eCIFM Solutions assists with the customization of TRIRIGA to meet your unique business processes and workflows. Your operational efficiency increases, costs trend downwards, new revenue streams are found, and a healthy bottom line is the result.

Our Line of IBM TRIRIGA Mobile Apps Gets Your Team in the Field

When it comes to managing your company’s real estate holdings, actually visiting these distributed sites is a must. Unfortunately, your TRIRIGA system stays in the office, requiring your team to manually enter its findings after returning. If only IBM produced a mobile version of TRIRIGA.

Thankfully, we are also experts in mobile app development with our own family of TRIRIGA mobile apps that let your team manage everything from work orders to inspections to inventory when On The Go. Our apps are available for the iOS and Android platforms. Your employees are able to automatically sync data with TRIRIGA when in the field, using their iPhone, iPad, or Android device.

An IWMS Delivered as SaaS

We even provide an IWMS delivered over the Cloud as a Software as a Service (SaaS) offering. Your organization gains flexibility along with the extra cost savings. This approach to an IWMS solution doesn’t require expenditures on computing hardware and maintenance.

Ultimately, when your organization needs an IWMS as part of its business operations, contact eCIFM Solutions. Our business expertise, mobile development skills, and IBM TRIRIGA knowledge ensures your organization operates more efficiently as a result.



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