Take IBM TRIRIGA On the Go With Our Family of Apps

Organizations already know IBM TRIRIGA helps manage their real estate, capital projects, maintenance, and more. Companies from the Fortune 500 to medium-sized firms leverage the system to improve their operational efficiency and boost their bottom line.

However, managing capital assets from within your office isn’t always possible. Site visits are essential. Thankfully, eCIFM offers a family of mobile apps letting your team use IBM TRIRIGA on their iOS or Android device when on the go.

All our apps support voice-to-text data entry, instant data sync, offline functionality, barcode scanners, photo documentation, and Google Maps integration. Let’s check them out!

Services On The Go!

Our first IBM TRIRIGA app, Services On The Go! helps companies perform a variety of maintenance tasks on their facility and other assets. Your maintenance technicians create work orders, audit equipment, manage inventory, and even report their time from anylocation., The data automatically syncs with TRIRIGA throughout the day and all TRIRIGA equipment information is readily available.

Requests On The Go!

When something needs fixing at any of your locations, our Requests On The Go! app lets your employees both report a problem and see the repair status. The app helps ensure minor incidents get handled before they result in a larger problem. It’s also easy to use, enabling anyone to make a request.

Inspections On The Go!

.Inspections On The Go! provides field surveys of equipment, data collection and the ability to record the condition of assets and the deficiencies. Users can also view buildings, floor plans and update necessary space and occupancy information.

Approvals On The Go!

Streamline the approval process with eCIFM’s Approvals On The Go! mobile app! Allow designated personnel to quickly access any TRIRIGA application where an approval is required and review the information, return for additional information, reassign or of course approve. Also works with time entries and change orders.

Projects On The Go!

Effective management of your capital projects greatly contributes to the profitability of the organization. Our Projects On The Go! app lets you access the TRIRIGA Capital Projects Manager module from anywhere. Budgeting, document review, and reporting is all provided to make your team more productive.

Inventory On The Go!

Inventory management is a time-consuming but important task. Our Inventory On The Go! mobile app helps you track the organization’s facility and maintenance inventories by enhancing and providing access to TRIRIGA goods and material data. This helps ensure your inventory tracking process is accurate and efficient, saving the company money.

Supervisor On The Go!

Managing your workers becomes easier when using our Supervisor On The Go! app. We help you perform daily scheduling, supervising tasks, and important work requests from your mobile phone by extending the TRIRIGA desktop to any easy to use mobile application. Developed with several large TRIRIGA clients, this application is built to solve another real-world requirement.

eCIFM’s family of mobile apps for TRIRIGA lets your company get the most out of its investment in IBM’s workplace management system. Make your team more productive!

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