IBM TRIRIGA Can Go Everywhere with Our Mobile Inspection Software

It’s true that IBM TRIRIGA helps businesses of all sizes and in many different industries makes all the difference in managing real estate. One of the most pressing duties for anyone responsible for workplace management involves conducting regular inspections. This task becomes more of a hassle without remote access to your organization’s workplace management software.

Thankfully, we at eCIFM Solutions Inc. are experts in both TRIRIGA and mobile app development. As such, our collection of mobile apps gives your company access to the IBM system when in the field, where your team needs it the most. This includes the building inspectors. Let’s take a closer look.

Choosing the Best Mobile App for Inspections

Frankly, a mobile app for conducting inspections makes perfect sense. After all, your inspectors perform most of their work in the field. Giving them access to an easy-to-use app on their iPhone or Android smartphone able to seamlessly connect to your company’s IBM TRIRIGA system simply makes them more productive.

eCIFM offers a full line of TRIRIGA mobile apps offering the features to make your employees’ work easier. No matter the specific app, voice-to-text data entry, automatic data sync, integration with Google Maps, barcode scanners and photo documentation are all included. That last feature is especially important for any company’s inspection team.

When you need a mobile app for inspections that integrates with IBM TRIRIGA, look no further than Inspections On The Go! Here is a more detailed look at its features and functionality.

eCIFM Solutions Takes IBM TRIRIGA Mobile With Inspections On The Go!

Our Inspections On The Go! mobile app truly provides your company with a superior tool for inspecting its corporate real estate inventory. Since it easily connects with your IBM TRIRIGA data, inspectors get quick access to the information for every organizational asset. Doors, buildings, HVAC equipment, and more – the app includes data on everything!

Created by a team of IBM TRIRIGA experts, Inspections On The Go! first became available in 2012. Over the next seven years, we improved the app; taking into account feedback from our customers using the app as part of their inspection process. In short, it offers the features your teams need.

The app provides real-time access to historical inspection data detailing the condition of assets and facilities. The linked AutoCAD drawings, occupancy records, space assignment, and allocation metrics provide valuable information to your employees performing inspections. Of course, everything automatically syncs to the organization’s IBM TRIRIGA system.

Making Inspections More Efficient

Inspections On The Go! lets your team manage the inspection process. Schedule future inspection cycles with detailed information on what needs to be inspected and who needs to do the inspecting. Inspections become more efficient whether it’s your own employees or a third-party service doing the work.

It’s an approach that helps your organization easily stay in compliance while being able to make those informed data-driven asset management decisions for a healthy bottom line. For mobile inspection software, there’s no better choice than Inspections On The Go!

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