Optimize Your Project Management That Reduces Barriers to Data Access and Communication

Myth 6: You Need to Buy Multiple Mobile Apps

By now, your team has recognized the value of TRIRIGA® as an integrated workplace management system (IWMS) and the benefits it brings to your operation. But as you’ve also seen, the great features of TRIRIGA® are underscored by one notable drawback: a lack of mobile integration.

This sounds like a small issue, but really, the right mobile tool can provide big benefits to the way you manage resources, communicate with team members, and handle project collaboration. And given that these tools are already available in the marketplace, isn’t it about time to consider new ways of TRIRIGA® management that help you get more value out of the system?

Do More Apps Mean More Work?

Now, we know what you’re thinking. “Do mobile apps mean more work for my team?”

It’s reasonable to think that incorporating new mobile solutions might add complexity to your processes  — particularly if you’ve had less-than-ideal mobile experiences in the past. You might have tried to integrate a mobile app only to find that rather than improving things, it actually created more work for you. Maybe the interface wasn’t user-friendly for your technicians, or maybe you had to rely on disconnected apps that siloed your data without any way to keep things organized.

Whatever the reason, you may have concluded that bringing in a new platform was adding too many cooks to the kitchen. And we understand completely — which is why eCFIM’s suite of On-The-Go! (OTG) mobile apps are cut from a different cloth.

Get the Right Data at the Right Time

Rather than the complicated type of app you might be used to dealing with, the OTG suite of mobile apps was designed to be simple and user-friendly — no technical expertise required.

The mobile suite contains eight different applications, each designed to improve workforce management and data access to TRIRIGA®. But even though there are eight different applications to choose from, they’re all contained under the OTG platform dashboard. This means two things: (1) application management is simple for users; (2) there are no data silos.

Eliminating these silos produces information access on a level that some businesses may be unfamiliar with. When all data is collected and viewable from a central repository, it becomes much easier to use that data for strategic planning such as when budgeting out costs for building maintenance. In this way, the right mobile tool can support deeper insights into a company’s resource management.

And when applied through a mobile app, the benefits extend to all technicians out in the field. No matter where each worker is, the GIS mapping and project management tools of the OTG suite keep workforce managers in the loop. It’s an entirely new way of managing your TRIRIGA® data that supports better communication among team members as well as resource efficiency.

Unlock the Benefits of Mobile Workforce Management

It’s easy to think that adding another step into your workforce management will create complexity. But in reality, mobile tools can expand your capabilities in ways that don’t just simplify work processes but can  help you identify and eliminate unnecessary ones altogether. Overall, it’s a way of optimizing your project management that reduces barriers to data access and communication. For workforce efficiency, what could be better?

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