4 Ways to Empower Your Workforce with TRIRIGA Mobile Apps

For large organizations with sprawling campuses, it’s crucial to have a system for identifying issues and determining what improvements should be made. eCIFM On The Go! mobile apps give inspectors the technology to quickly perform such assessments, creating complete logs of facility conditions and uploading the data back to TRIRIGA® in real-time. Let’s review a few specific ways that On The Go! mobile apps—and Inspections On The Go! In particular—empower your workforce.

  • Perform system-wide inspections
  • Perform inspections on specific assets
  • Better manage time entry
  • Proactive identification of opportunities

Complete Inspections for Your Building System

With On The Go! mobile apps, inspectors can perform their assessments in the field, with all notes and data automatically uploaded back to TRIRIGA®.

This capability allows inspectors to generate a Facility Condition Index (FCI) for the system, a comprehensive and objective way of assessing each building’s condition against preferred criteria. It’s a productivity tool, sure—but it’s also a great way to get deeper insights into which building may be at risk for problems, how to allocate resources to each facility, and how to best manage maintenance teams to stay ahead of issues.

Inspect and Manage High-Value Assets

Facility assessment is one thing, but what about the specific assets contained in each building? With On The Go! mobile apps, inspectors can create Asset Condition Indexes (ACI) for quality assessment. Inspectors and maintenance teams can make notes on the observed condition of building components, utilities, or other high-value assets, and upload that data back to TRIRIGA®. While FCI offers a broad view of facility performance, this ACI score helps inspectors take a granular look at the nuts and bolts of each building’s components.

Time Entry Optimization

Forget manual time entry or matching time entries against projects. With On The Go! mobile apps, inspectors have full flexibility to enter time against inspection work, as well as adding time for individual work based on task or timesheet—all through their mobile device. It’s easier than ever to upload and verify time entries across days and weeks.

And the benefits extend to time approvals, too. With Inspections On The Go! built-in approval processes, supervisors can choose when to submit time entries, and even provide real-time feedback to employees through the app.

Use Data to Identify Opportunities

Armed with comprehensive data on facility systems and assets, inspectors will have more opportunities than ever to develop new solutions for facility management. It’s all about having the necessary information available for your inspectors when they need it, where they need it—whether they’re in the field or in-house. With condition indexes for systems and assets measured against available resources, these tools let inspectors instantly assess the condition of facilities and ensure that all investments occur appropriately.

Give Inspectors the Tools They Need

eCIFM Inspections On The Go! is an easy-to-use mobile solution that keeps information in the inspector’s hands. From facility tracking to ongoing maintenance to resource allocation, OTG simplifies your workflows and gives you the data you need to get the best possible ROI from your facility improvement efforts.

Learn how to best optimize your TRIRIGA mobile strategy for measurable business impact by watching the webinar on how to “Untether Your Workforce: Mobile Solutions for IBM TRIRIGA.”

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