Can You Count Inventory In Real-Time? How to Maximize Productivity for Mobile Technicians

Regular inventory counts are an essential part of facilities management. When it comes time to perform these counts, inventory managers need accurate and up-to-date information on product details, delivered in real-time, to ensure that the process goes off without a hitch. The only problem is that you can’t find this type of efficiency through your TRIRIGA® database alone—which is why eCIFM developed a new, mobile-centric solution known as Inventory On The Go!

Accurate Inventory on Demand

At its core, Inventory OTG! simplifies how each technician interacts with TRIRIGA®, offering a convenient way for inventory managers to review and validate inventory levels.

Across your entire technician ecosystem, you likely have numerous tasks that need to be handled by various inventory managers or inventory clerks:

  • Counting inventory
  • Evaluating the status of items
  • Issuing inventory to technicians
  • Logging who’s assigned what
  • Monitoring progress throughout each task
  • Tracking technician time spent on these tasks

It’s a lot to manage, even with a centralized system like TRIRIGA®. And when you have teams of technicians all working independently in the field, efficient inventory management can seem like a pipe dream.

This is where Inventory OTG! comes into play.

Gain Complete Visibility Into Inventory Management

When it comes time to count, managers can create simple count tasks against different inventory locations, evaluate the tasks in the items, and perform the count—all while tracking task progress in real-time through the app. From there, changes and details are automatically synced back to TRIRIGA®.

And that’s just the beginning! Part of what makes Inventory OTG! so useful is the flexibility it offers. Users can scan bar codes of different products to find items within lists, and use that data to track discrepancies between what’s expected in a given location and what’s actually there.

Technicians can also assess holds for inventory items. For example, when technicians request parts from inventory, they can view any hold requests from others that may already be in queue. And as that technician asks for the parts, he/she can search against all the different hold requests in the system to get a better idea of who has what.

Plus, data is made available to all technicians at all times, regardless if they’re online or offline. This feature solves the connectivity challenges of mobile workforces by providing offline access and automatically syncing with TRIRIGA when the connection is restored. This guarantees that all inventory data is kept up-to-date, no matter how many technicians are making changes.

Build a Truly Integrated Mobile Workforce Solution

With apps like Inventory OTG!, facilities managers gain new ways to empower their mobile technicians:

  • Count inventory to see quantities on-hand
  • Enter and review counts
  • Perform automatic discrepancy calculations
  • View comments for unique items
  • Learn where holds are and who’s making requests

And best of all, these features integrate seamlessly in the TRIRIGA® environment, all without a third-party server or middleman. It’s not a complicated solution—but it’s a powerful one that can redefine the way you manage your inventory.

Learn how to best optimize your TRIRIGA mobile strategy for measurable business impact by watching the webinar on how to “Untether Your Workforce: Mobile Solutions for IBM TRIRIGA.”

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