Maximize Your ROI and Reduce Your Cost of Ownership with a TRIRIGA Mobile Solution

Myth 7: Mobile Solutions Are Too Costly

In our experience, one of the biggest sticking points for businesses considering new mobile solutions is that they cost too much. “We’ll never get an ROI from that.” This mindset is common, but it’s also understandable, given how reticent some companies are to explore new technologies.

And when a company gets burned by a poor mobile integration experience, we can’t blame them for being hesitant to try a new one. But as we know, ROI is a variable thing, and no two mobile projects are ever the same. Those who are interested in the benefits of anywhere, anytime mobile access might be surprised at how affordable the right mobile solution can be.

The Value of Modular Mobile Solutions

eCIFM’s suite of On The Go! (OTG) mobile solutions includes eight different mobile apps designed to help TRIRIGA users get more value out of their integrated workplace management system (IWMS). These apps include dedicated dashboards for inventory management, inspections, supervisory controls, and more — each tailored to suit a different business function managed in your TRIRIGA database.

But while eCIFM offers a full suite of mobile applications, you only download one app which includes all 8 apps with access controlled by security in one single platform. OTG is designed as a modular mobile solution in which users can select as many mobile apps as they need in order to improve operations. Forget paying for features you’ll never use. OTG lets users assemble their mobile TRIRIGA solution to fit their company’s exact needs. This already brings down the cost of an OTG mobile investment compared with other applications, but it’s not the only way that eCIFM helps users manage their investment.

Pricing Flexibility Maximizes ROI

To further support the mobile investment, eCIFM offers a unique pricing model for its OTG applications that gives users several options, depending on their desired level of investment. These include various licensing options that are tailored to each company’s expected level of use, based on our own proprietary pricing system that balances usage against application costs.

Though we can’t go into too many details (great chefs don’t give away their best recipes, after all), this pricing model ensures that the eCIFM mobile suite stays affordable, no matter how many devices are in use.

Unlock Value While Reducing Cost of Ownership

The OTG suite of mobile apps offers a unique combination of benefits to businesses: mobile TRIRIGA access from anywhere alongside a flexible, personalized cost structure. It’s this combination of features that helps businesses bring down their technology cost while maximizing the ROI of their mobile investment, all at the same time. Overall, it’s a unique approach to workforce management that may be more affordable than you think!

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