IBM TRIRIGA is the Workplace Management System for Your Business

Managing your business’s corporate real estate is a necessary task, but one with the potential to siphon the productivity of your staff. Using an integrated workspace management solution helps make this process more efficient, but who has the best IWMS? IBM TRIRIGA is an industry-leading application; one that’s the missing key to providing efficient facilities and real estate management.


We are eCIFM Solutions Inc., an organization poised to help you get the most out of your TRIRIGA investment, no matter your business sector. Let’s take a closer look at IBM’s workplace management application and how we can help you manage your company’s vital real estate investments.


What is TRIRIGA?


IBM TRIRIGA is a fully-integrated workplace management system suitable for the medium to large sized business. It lets organizations easily handle a variety of functions related to their real estate inventory. Managing everything from your company’s facilities maintenance to its remote capital projects is possible using TRIRIGA.


Additional functionality includes the automation of the approval process for the business’s environmental services. It also provides a virtualized view of the organization’s entire corporate real estate investment. Reduce your overall energy costs and streamline lease accounting – all with IBM TRIRIGA.


TRIRIGA provides an easy-to-use and fully integrated solution for your company’s real estate, facility, environmental and project requirements. It offers role-based interfaces, which are configurable based on organizational need. The system also connects to the business’s existing data, either from external systems or generated by IoT devices.


IBM provides different configurations of TRIRIGA depending on what your company n. Install it fully on-premises, or use a Cloud-based SaaS instance of the application. Even a hybrid approach combining both deployment models is possible.


eCIFM Solutions Helps Your Company Succeed With IBM TRIRIGA


In business for nearly two decades, eCIFM is your best option when looking for a partner to help your organization get the most value out of IBM TRIRIGA. We regularly win awards because of our long-term partnership with IBM. Simply put, we know all the ins and outs of the TRIRIGA workplace management system.


If you simply need the workplace management system installed, you are in good hands, as we’ve implemented IBM TRIRIGA for hundreds of clients. Since the system allows for wide customization, we are able to tailor its functionality for your specific needs. Whether you are running TRIRIGA in-house or from the Cloud, we’ll get your business operational as quickly as possible.


The eCIFM team is made up of subject matter experts when it comes to workplace management systems. This expertise ensures a successful project outcome when you decide on TRIRIGA as your IWMS. We also know how to integrate the system with your data no matter how it’s stored.


The future is bright when it comes to your company’s real estate capital management needs. eCIFM can help you plan for future enhancements and expansions, as your company grows and reaches higher levels of success. We also offer many enhancements to TRIRIGA like our Mobile Applications.


IBM TRIRIGA helps businesses successfully manage their valuable corporate real estate. Choosing TRIRIGA as your company’s integrated workplace management solution is smart. Partnering with eCIFM to ensure a successful implementation is even smarter!


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