How TRIRIGA Mobile On-site Accessibility Changes the Way You Operate

Myth 3: Is My Data There Yet?

Almost 50% of adults in the United States believe that internet access is a human right, so it’s easy to take on-the-job connectivity for granted in a world that thrives online.

But what happens when an internet connection goes down on-site? Do your operations come to an abrupt halt until systems are up and running again?

Fortunately, with eCIFM’s On the Go! Mobile application solutions you don’t have to worry about losing data or interrupting your workflow in the field. Background sync capabilities coupled with both online and offline accessibility means information is always available and operations are never interrupted when you’ve got an innovative mobile suite of TRIRIGA integration apps in your digital toolbox.

On-site Accessibility Changes the Way You Operate

Using the right mobile application where you need it most, on the job site, increases the functionality and flexibility of your integrated workplace management system. Enterprise-level businesses enjoy the confidence and comfort provided by IBM TRIRIGA, which is what makes instant access to TRIRIGA’s work management through the right mobile application an invaluable asset.

Mobile IWMS integration solutions extend TRIRIGA functionality beyond the desktop. Now more than ever is when facility and real estate management leaders need that kind of beyond-the-desktop answer to complex operational challenges.

Ultimate Online Connectivity

Instant in-the-field TRIRIGA integration is a natural next step for real estate management leaders who want to maximize performance of their integrated workplace management system.

Desktop access to an IWMS solution is traditional in the sense that the value added is immediately recognized by most enterprise-level businesses. It’s crucial to be able to connect and update your IWMS using reliable hardware and a trusted platform management program.

Hundreds of TRIRIGA-using businesses also now recognize how valuable mobile solutions to IWMS challenges are when ultimate connectivity is the goal. You don’t need to wait to get back to the office or relay important information from on-site facilities just to update TRIRIGA when mobile applications can do most of that for you.

Offline Access

Front-line workers have the power to perform crucial workplace tasks with the help of On the Go! applications even in offline mode. On-site offline TRIRIGA accessibility lets you:

  • Create Service Requests
  • Perform system asset inspections
  • Log time against work order assignments
  • View standardized procedure guidelines
  • Review facility maintenance requests
  • And so much more!

Offline mode is also ideal for situations and locations that don’t offer great internet access. Nothing is more frustrating for technicians or inspectors than having to wait for applications to load or information to display.

On the Go! apps keep your information on-hand and easily accessible at all times when you’re offline. You can improve performance, increase efficiency and stay connected to your platforms and real estate assets with mobile application TRIRIGA support, even when internet access is poor or unavailable.

Background syncing

On the Go! Mobile applications are the only TRIRIGA mobile solution that offers background syncing of your data. This means you can manage and navigate other applications while apps like Services On the Go! or Supervisor On the Go! update to TRIRIGA in the background.

What does this mean for your facility and real estate management? It means no disruptions or delays to your regular workflow. The mobile apps take care of the heavy lifting of data integration and information updating in the background while you focus on what’s at-hand and important in the moment.

Over time—whether you’re online or offline—using On the Go! mobile apps becomes a more efficient process. Connecting to and integrating with TRIRIGA is more intuitive as technicians and facility managers learn just how invaluable a mobile IWMS solution can be.

Easily send information like photographs, documents, blueprints, messages, work orders, inventory requests and all the in-betweens to TRIRIGA without worrying about losing data or connectivity issues. The right mobile application for your IWMS makes all the difference with features like barcode scanning, map integration, and data sync capabilities.

Software as a Service is the Future of Streamlining Business

In-house facility management was a $143 billion market in 2017, and it’s important to get the biggest bang for your buck if you’re handling your own real estate platforms. Software as a service (SaaS) functionality makes it easy for enterprise-level businesses to collaborate, consolidate and take control of multi-location operations. It’s projected that 71% of human capital management applications will be served as SaaS solutions by 2020.

As a result, it’s important to understand the benefits and advantages facility operators and real estate management leaders have when they utilize mobile applications like eCIFM’s On the Go! offerings.

Complementary apps like Inspections On the Go! or Inventory On the Go! make it easy to seamlessly integrate with TRIRIGA to keep track of real estate facilities assets and perform system-wide risk and opportunity assessments. On-site assessments are more accurate and in-the-field inspections are more informed when the end user has a wealth of real estate asset information at their fingertips.

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