How to Gain the Most Accessible and Accurate Data with Your TRIRIGA Mobile Solution

Myth 5: Where is my Data?

For a long time, real estate portfolio management was a bit of a guessing game. Before the rise of integrated workplace management systems (IWMS), each facility’s records were siloed, disconnected from one another, and spread across different channels (legacy systems, paper drawings, and so on). It wasn’t until solutions like IBM TRIRIGA® entered the scene that facility managers could create a reliable, unified system for reviewing comprehensive portfolio information through a single IWMS.

But evolution never stops, and even solutions like TRIRIGA® began to show their limitations—particularly where remote workforces are concerned. After all, what good is all this data if you don’t have an easy way to access it when you need it?

Locate Your Missing Data

The TRIRIGA® database stores all facility management data related to history, procedures, fixes, and assets, offering clear benefits to workforce productivity when compared against legacy systems. But one of the system’s main limitations is that technicians (until recently) had to physically be there to log updates and reports. This creates a challenging situation where facility managers have significant data points and assets up in the air at any given point with little way to coordinate them efficiently.

Fortunately, this is no longer the case. With the rise of new mobile solutions like eCIFM’s On The Go! (OTG!) enterprise mobile application solution, facility managers can push the functionality of TRIRIGA® and gain a completely new way to corral their missing data.

The Mobile Advantage – Unified Data and Real-Time Updates

The TRIRIGA® IWMS acts as a single source of truth for all technicians and supervisors—and now you can extend that truth to any technician in your workforce. The eCIFM On The Go! suite is the only set of enterprise mobile applications that connects directly to the TRIRIGA® database, letting your workers access TRIRIGA® from anywhere, at any time.

These applications give technicians true accessibility across all TRIRIGA® data, including all files and images attached to each facility asset. They can find facility locations relative to their own position and see pertinent work order data, all from their own devices. The apps integrate with each device’s hardware to support data collection, leveraging the built-in camera, speech recognition tools, geo-location technologies, and even barcode scanners to give more power to technicians than ever before.

And best of all, any changes, requests, or completed projects are uploaded directly back to TRIRIGA® right from the field, creating a real-time system of information flow that helps your company become a truly data-driven enterprise. Naturally, this is a key aspect of strengthening your company’s reporting and analytic workflows.

IWMS Mobile Integration Creates a Single Source of Truth

The OTG! mobile application suite empowers workers with the tools they need to stay productive in the field, but more broadly, it’s another step forward in a company’s digital transformation. When you connect a network of real-time mobile devices to the central TRIRIGA® database, you’re building a single source of truth for all project management tasks. It doesn’t matter how many work orders are open or how many people are in the field—TRIRIGA® and its mobile apps will have all the details. And better yet, the connected system means that inaccuracies and errors can be identified earlier and addressed quickly—boosting data accuracy across the entire enterprise.

These might seem like big claims from something as simple as a mobile application, but as we know, small changes can produce big results, and there’s no denying that mobile technology will help you get the most out of your IBM TRIRIGA® investment.

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