How On the Go! Dispels the IT Device Headache by Allowing Employees to Experience Full Power of TRIRIGA Integrated their Own Mobile Device

Myth 4: Too Many IT Device Headaches

There was a time when facility maintenance, real estate management, and enterprise oversight relied heavily on specialized mobile devices and proprietary software that operated behind the scenes. These devices and platforms that powered the day-to-day grind were often the backbone upon which tasks are assigned and work is accomplished and companies had to purchase and maintain an inventory for use by their technicians.

This was par for the course most of the time before the widespread use of Smartphones and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies. After all, specialized devices are meant to streamline processes and facilitate task-specific work. But, they become a problem when devices don’t work as intended, come pre-loaded with complicated software, become outdated, or are just too specialized to work practically.

Device difficulty is also why some people may shy away from integrated workplace management systems (IWMS) that improve the way a business manager handles operations.

Fortunately, the right platform, working in tandem with IBM TRIRIGA, works for you, not against you.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Company-owned, device-specific solutions have several disadvantages compared to BYOD.

  • It’s impractical to put all your management eggs in one device basket.
  • You lose flexibility and limit functionality when you’re tethered to a single type of device. This is especially true if that device sets limits and restrains adaptability.
  • Many subjective-use devices, designed for specific IT functions or management tasks, aren’t built to maximize integration. Instead, they’re designed for unambiguous, repetitive task performance. Sometimes, this is great. Other times, this means your work, your data, and your device is restricted by location and pre-loaded software.

The answer is for employees to use their own device. Almost everyone carries a personal smartphone or tablet these days, but how many of us would want to carry two?  Today, devices are so flexible and powerful that they can run myriad apps, each of which can be updated easily, all without the need for a specialized device.

Mobile is Better

Modern mobile solutions to device restrictions are the answer to your device headaches.

You untether yourself when you BYOD. Services, software, and TRIRIGA access follows you

anywhere—thanks to integration with a mobile device. It will change the way you operate.

Advanced IWMS integration options like eCIFM’s suite of On the Go! mobile solutions put the

power of TRIRIGA in the palm of your hand wherever you are. Your team can complete a wide

range of tasks without feeling tied down by the devices they use.

Mobile On the Go! solutions are ideal for:

  • Assigning and sorting work orders
  • Accessing portfolio schematics and diagrams
  • Integrating in-the-field data to TRIRIGA databases
  • Submitting and completing requests
  • Conducting site inspections
  • Reviewing approvals
  • Tracking and updating inventory

The benefits of a BYOD mobile workplace mentality are inherent. You get more done, with fewer restrictions, when you can connect to TRIRIGA through any mobile device. What’s more, On the Go! solutions are designed with the user in mind. Each module integrates with TRIRIGA in ways that eliminate the guess work and streamline the process, from inspections to approvals to inventory and beyond.

Flexible and Financially Responsible

Mobile management integration is a no-brainer from an IT and maintenance vantage point. The last thing IT professionals and maintenance managers want is to be tied to a device that’s less than ideal. In fact, almost 60% of CIOs prioritize innovation above anything else, which means finding ways to minimize workplace challenges.

Fortunately, a mobile BYOD environment is also a no-brainer as a top-down business decision. Your job as management is to find ways to cut costs without crippling functionality, and mobile IWMS solutions are the answer.

Proprietary devices are expensive. Software subscription services are expensive. An entire cabinet filled with devices and their pre-loaded software . . . is expensive.

Cut costs and increase flexibility by integrating enterprise-level mobile solutions at a fraction of the price. It’s much less expensive to bypass proprietary devices and let workers use their own (or company) mobile devices. The right integration solutions give you just enough functionality without overwhelming you.

Which is what makes On the Go! modules like Projects On the Go! or Inventory On the Go! so invaluable. The added flexibility of being able to connect to TRIRIGA from any mobile device lets you maintain, manage, and complete tasks with ease and efficiency.

BYOD paired with software as a service (SaaS) environments makes day-to-day tasks easier, less costly, and more efficient. Plus, it’s just more practical to work in comfort knowing that your mobile device can do the TRIRIGA heavy lifting for you.

IWMS Mobile Integration and SaaS Advantages

This is why more and more SaaS environments are adopting mobile IWMS solutions. It’s easy to be scared away by device headaches, but the myth is dispelled when BYOD and TRIRIGA integration enter the picture.

Real-time data accessibility and accuracy is a gamechanger.

Seamless integration means no middleware is required, which also means less money out the door for software. Additionally, integrating directly with TRIRIGA like eCIFM’s On the Go! solutions eliminates the need for a separate server. This means no need to run back to the office to update databases and no wait times for updates from the field. Everyone’s on the same page at all times.

More is accomplished quicker when everything from project updates to file revisions and task assignments can be done in the field from a mobile device.

Dispel the IT Device Headache Myth

Remember, device headaches only trouble your maintenance and management system if you let them. Don’t limit yourself to proprietary, task-specific devices when there are exceptional mobile IWMS solutions available.

TRIRIGA works well for you. Why not put it to work where you need it most? Seamless integration with IBM TRIRIGA is what makes the On the Go! suite of options so appealing, and going mobile means TRIRIGA is with you in the field all the time.

Have Questions About How to Get More from Your TRIRIGA with Mobile?

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