How Enterprise TRIRIGA Mobile Applications Can Generate Rich Asset Information

Myth 2: If Only I Could Get a Better View

Facility management and maintenance is a big-ticket expense for enterprise-level businesses, second only to payroll. With facility maintenance and management costs comprising up to  40 to 50% of your operational budget every year, it’s important to find ways to streamline operations and reduce overhead.  Little changes can lead to big cost savings when the right solution is implemented.

According to a 2017 predictive maintenance survey conducted by Plant Services, nearly 50% of respondents were committed to some sort of proactive maintenance approach. Today, business leaders understand that easy to deploy Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions can revolutionize the way you handle facility management and maintenance.

When it comes to Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) platforms like IBM TRIRIGA and the need to know what’s in your Real Estate Portfolio, choosing the right enterprise mobile application solution will improve speed and efficiency and boost ROI through increased productivity and captured cost savings.

What’s going on with my Real Estate Portfolio?

Traditionally, facility maintenance and management relied on siloed datasets, paper drawings, maps and images that were updated only when time allowed. Oftentimes, communication barriers and uncoordinated record keeping meant data was duplicated unnecessarily or “wires were crossed” as far as what resources needed to be where.

In a digital, modern workplace, responding to facility requests, managing work orders and updating information databases still means dedicating time and resources yet these new efficiencies free up time that can be better spent focusing on big-picture opportunities. It’s now easier to visualize what’s going on in a particular facility but there are still challenges. This leads enterprise businesses to seek out mobile innovations that make updating and tracking on-site information easier, more reliable and more intuitive.  Furthermore, deploying SaaS solutions simplifies bringing those solutions to bear.

Industry Trends Drive Innovative IWMS Integration

Hundreds of enterprise-level businesses now utilize TRIRIGA because it’s convenient to have comprehensive portfolio information available in one IWMS. It’s a modern-day answer to an age-old facility and real estate management question: How can you best gather, assess and act upon information as it relates to your properties?

Economic and market trends continue to influence the ways in which TRIRIGA users engage with the system. Industry trends affecting facility management operations include:

  •     Environmental and regulatory developments
  •     Increased demand for outsourcing and integration
  •     Ubiquitous and affordable mobile devices
  •     Market demand for value-added services

TRIRIGA, with its innovative integrated modules, extends through the enterprise and consolidates information in a way that works. That said, business leaders now need to take advantage of mobile technologies if they want to make the most of what TRIRIGA has to offer.

The View is Better from a Mobile Vantage Point

A reliable mobile solution offers innovative opportunities by taking advantage of built-in geo-location technologies, as well camera, barcode scanner and speech recognition features.  Demand for location management functionality, borne out of robust Geographic Information Systems (GIS), prompted innovators like eCIFM to develop on-the-ground solutions that make work visualization simpler and far more intuitive.

eCIFM’s On the Go! Mobile puts Google Maps functionality in the hands of supervisors, technicians, inspectors and facility managers by seamlessly integrating with IBM TRIRIGA mapping features.  Using familiar hand-held devices, mobile workers can now see the relevant data, files, and images attached to a specific asset, find its physical location, and display the location of any work order relative to the current position of the user.

When it comes to mobile facility management, eCIFM’s suite of applications is just what’s needed to elevate day-to-day operations across the enterprise. When it comes to leveraging TRIRIGA by deploying On The Go! for the mobile workforce, eCIFM’s technical resources are world-class, offering consulting, training and outstanding product support.

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