How Enterprise Mobile Applications Can Extend Your IBM TRIRIGA Capabilities

Myth 1: You Need to Settle for Out-of-the-Box Functionality

Our world runs on mobile, but integrating mobile solutions in an existing enterprise is easier said than done.

Adobe surveyed 1,500 business leaders on the state of the enterprise mobile application market, finding that a majority (61%) believed that companies without enterprise mobile applications were at a competitive disadvantage. Respondents acknowledged the benefits to productivity, communication, cost reduction offered by mobile solutions, and while use cases for these applications are growing, companies struggle to make them work, as noted by Gartner:

“It’s encouraging to see significant growth in the number of mobile apps that are planned, but most of this growth is in mobile web apps as opposed to native or hybrid mobile apps,” said Mr. Adrian Leow, research director for Gartner. “This indicates that some enterprises may be frustrated with developing mobile apps and are instead refocusing on responsive websites to address their mobile needs.”

But traditional, web-based approaches can take us only so far. Modern workforce management relies on information availability, both at home and in the field. Your IWMS is the first step, but to really push the value of your platform, you need to give your technicians the tools they need to work faster, smarter, and harder.

You Can’t—And Shouldn’t—Work Out Of The Box

Mobile is necessary these days, but there’s a misguided notion that enterprise mobile apps should be business-ready right out of the box. As we know, things are rarely that simple.

There’s a lot to consider in a mobile solution regarding cost, licensing, implementation, and training. Many of us believe that if we want a mobile extension, we’ll need to settle for options that don’t meet our exact business needs.

But don’t worry; you certainly don’t have to settle for an off-the-shelf mobile solution.

eCIFM On The Go! is a modular software tool that lets you integrate and configure eight different IWMS applications into IBM TRIRIGA®.



Customers choose the applications that will best improve their facilities management, and those tools are integrated and presented through the On The Go! apps. These collaborative tools boost efficiency in communication, identify gaps in processes, and support a system in which data is available exactly when you need it.

Get Proactive With Facility Management

On The Go! helps mobile workforces take a proactive approach to facility maintenance and management. For example, a maintenance worker at a university may receive a work order to repair a leaky faucet in the campus administrative building. Upon arrival, the technician notices that a bathroom window is cracked and needs repair. The technician can use On The Go! to note this new problem, create a new work order, take photos, and add details as necessary, saving maintenance work time and the hassle of sending a new worker into the field for an assessment.

In short, it puts TRIRIGA in the hands of your workforce, no matter where they are. And best of all, your team doesn’t need deep technical expertise to get started.

Our Team Guides Your Implementation

eCIFM’s technical team will walk you through the details of the integration, showing you how the mobile solution connects directly to your existing TRIRIGA database. This one-to-one database connection eliminates the need for a middleware layer and offers faster execution of processes throughout the stack.

But that’s only the beginning. They’ll help your field technicians understand the application interfaces, showing them how to adapt their existing workflows into a more efficient mobile framework. This approach offers clear advantages to efficiency and labor utilization, and it comes at a fraction of the cost of other mobile options.

Unlike traditional software licenses, which typically have you pay for a full suite of features (many of which you may never use), an On The Go! integration lets you pick and choose which applications are best suited to your company. You’re not paying for bells and whistles. You’re paying only for the applications that extend TRIRIGA’s capabilities, improve communication, and give you more control over facility data. This strategy offers a more sophisticated approach to facility management that’s lean, flexible, and supportive of your company’s unique needs.

Workforce Innovation Through Mobile

eCIFM On The Go! is a configurable mobile suite specifically designed to put the power of TRIRIGA in the hands of your workforce. As a modular solution, On The Go! is an easy to use tool to improve workforce productivity and eliminate inefficiencies with the most cost-effective mobile TRIRIGA solution available today. And with the technical and domain expertise of the eCIFM technical team backing you up, there’s no question that a mobile upgrade will help you gather, analyze, and share data more effectively among your team members.

Have Questions About How to Get More from Your TRIRIGA with Mobile?

Let’s talk. Contact us today to find out more about how eCIFM On The Go! can help you.

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