How Mobile Apps Can Improve Your Work Order Organization

Without solid data to manage your facilities, there can be no solid performance measures. Organizations that leave their integrated facilities management tasks and oversight to chance are doomed to lose money and stay stuck with varying service levels.

If your facilities management software solution doesn’t include mobile apps you’re losing both time and data. With over 5 billion people worldwide using mobile devices there’s no reason your workplace management solutions aren’t making the most of mobile technology.

Using TRIRIGA on its own will give your organization the best real estate management software available. But deploying the software with mobile tech brings an exponential return.

Here’s how mobile apps help all aspects of your workplace management:

A Predictive Maintenance Strategy

One of the hot buzzwords in facilities management and manufacturing is predictive maintenance. But in order to deploy a predictive maintenance approach, you need solid data on every aspect of your management approach.

Mobile apps allow this level of confidence in your data and asset management.

Are you spending costly repair dollars on equipment that should be run-to-fail? Are you losing money on expensive equipment downtime?

Mobile apps import equipment information in real time and allow your maintenance strategy flexibility. Every level of your organization can access the data they need when they need it.

What good is a work management system if the data isn’t available when you need it? Mobile apps change that.

The Resources and Data You Need

How much time do your employees spend on the wrong tasks? The beauty of mobile apps for work orders is that the right service is deployed immediately.

You won’t waste time paying for the wrong resources. Plus, any tech that is deployed will have the information they need at their fingertips.

The same is true for reporting. You can segment data and access the information you need. Mobile apps also give different levels of access to people in the field.

Integrated Work Order Tracking

How do you measure the success of your real estate program and asset preservation strategy? If you are managing maintenance tasks against industry benchmarks you won’t ever achieve the level of customization required for a winning approach.

Whether you use in-house employees, vendors, or a mix of both to service your needs, integrated work order tracking can help.

You’ll know how long a task takes, link in costs for service and supplies, and measure service against your own standards.

The Help You Need for Workplace Management Solutions

With a variety of options for software and support, it can be difficult to choose the best company to help your organization. You don’t just need a software solution that can work with mobile.

You need an integrated platform that works with every aspect of your real estate portfolio. This means financial information, space planning, capital projects, maintenance, and management are all using the same data. We can help you improve your workplace management solutions.

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