TRIRIGA Services

eCIFM’s IBM TRIRIGA® clients can expect far more than just new software. Everything we do is designed to help your organization reach its goals while increasing efficiency, reducing costs and discovering new revenue opportunities. We’ll help you make the best possible data-driven decisions for all the people, places and things in your organization. Our services include:


eCIFM has helped get IBM TRIRIGA up, running and customized for hundreds of clients. We’ll configure the system for your specific needs and workflow—you won’t need to change your business strategy and methods just to use new software.

We Make TRIRIGA Work For You

The eCIFM team includes industry leaders who’ve used TRIRIGA in their own organizations. With our deep subject and use case expertise, we can map TRIRIGA to your current workflow and business needs quickly and accurately. The team’s inside-out TRIRIGA knowledge also ensures nothing is missed. You’ll have a complete single view of your complete portfolio, with no surprises down the road.

eCIFM makes TRIRIGA work for you
eCIFM will migrate your data onto TRIRIGA

We Migrate Your Data onto TRIRIGA

Anyone who’s ever implemented, upgraded or integrated an organization’s software system knows data migration is one of the trickiest and most time-consuming parts of the job. Missing and corrupted data means far more than garbage-in/garbage-out; it can mean bad decisions, compliance problems and financial penalties. To avoid those problems and increase speed and accuracy when moving data from one system to another, eCIFM developed and uses Data Migrator. Combined with our team’s expertise, it helps minimize the time, effort and expense of this crucial step. While moving data from separate systems into a single repository, you’ll rest easy knowing all data entry will be automated and verified.

We Make TRIRIGA Work With Your Current Setup

Does your organization use SAP? PeopleSoft? Oracle Financial? eCIFM has built interfaces linking these and other enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems to TRIRIGA. There’s no need to start from scratch or be forced to make changes to your workflow and routines.

eCIFM makes TRIRIGA work with your current setup
eCIFM will customize applications for you

If You Need Something New, We’ll Create It

If your organization uses or needs custom notifications or workflows, we can make it happen. eCIFM develops custom applications for new requirements on the TRIRIGA platform. If there’s a function crucial to your operations, you’ll have it. If it doesn’t exist, we’ll create it for you.

We Train Your Team

eCIFM can train your team on any TRIRIGA module on-site. We customize training, using a proven role-based approach that increases every user’s efficacy and efficiency.

eCIFM can train your team on TRIRIGA
eCIFM offers robust technical support

We Offer Robust Technical Support

We offer direct support for all our TRIRIGA clients. Your organization can count on Level 1 (basic help desk resolution) and Level 2 (in-depth technical support) help directly from eCIFM experts. You’ll have an eCIFM team at the ready that knows your specific system’s configuration, challenges and needs—saving your people the time of describing them to support staff trained to deal solely with off-the-shelf implementations.

We Convert Your Paper Drawings to Digital

Our licensed in-house architects and computer-aided drawing (CAD) drafters offer redrafting services to convert your old paper drawings into an electronic format. We provide cost-effective services to create polylines based on BOMA, IFMA or OSCRE standards.

Our AutoCAD services help CFOs, corporate real estate managers and others charged with lease and space management. Accurate digital records will help you manage space across your full portfolio, reducing unused and unprofitable use of all your space—rented, leased or owned.

eCIFM will convert paper drawings to digital
eCIFM will upgrade TRIRIGA for you

We’ll Upgrade TRIRIGA

We’ll help you upgrade to the latest available version of TRIRIGA 10.x to ensure your organization can use all the latest functions. We can preserve all your customizations or move you to a more standard platform, depending on your goals.  Since we have been with TRIRIGA for nearly 20 years, we can also assist with FacilityCenter or other upgrade projects.

Why eCIFM?

Some of the world’s leading TRIRIGA experts work for eCIFM. We take the pain out of IWMS implementation and data migration, helping your organization get up and running as quickly as possible. Your organization’s data holds the key to making profitable business decisions, reducing waste, and discovering new revenue opportunities. TRIRIGA can help unlock it all.

eCIFM is a premier IBM business partner and certified value-added reseller for IBM TRIRIGA. We’ve also been awarded a Gold Accreditation for TRIRIGA deployments three years running. If you’re not getting the data you need in a single view or have questions about how TRIRIGA could help you achieve your organization’s goals, let us know.