IWMS Consulting

Our consulting approach aligns with the Systems Development Life Cycle and is designed to complement our implementation services, refining and accelerating the planning, analysis and design phases.

Consulting adds rigor to technology projects with tools & methodologies for defining outcomes, processes, and governance. This helps mitigate common risks such as scope creep, “churn” around requirements and re-starts, and unclear expectations.

Typical Client Challenges

  • Frustration with current technology, uncertainty about out where to go and how to get there
  • Need to articulate the value and justify the cost of new technology from a business perspective
  • Lacking proper documentation of what people really need from their systems to do their work effectively and efficiently
  • Concerned that implementing new technology won’t deliver full value without updating inefficient business processes first
  • Dissatisfaction with data and reports from current system, but not sure of the root causes
  • Aware of operational problems and looking for an independent assessment to drill into the details and bolster the case for change

Benefits of Consulting

  • Reduce technology footprint and costs, improve alignment with Real Estate & Facilities objectives and strategies
  • Build senior management buy-in for new Real Estate & Facilities technology investment
  • Clear understanding of the functionality systems should have to optimally support real estate & facilities operations
  • Streamlining and optimizing Real Estate & Facilities business processes to reduce operational overhead and prepare for new technology
  • Improving data integrity and accuracy to produce more effective Real Estate & Facilities reporting and metrics
  • Pinpointing key opportunities for improvement in real estate and facilities operations and systems