Space On The Go!

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Space On The Go!

Understanding the true state of your organizations’ space is important to most facility departments and often to all of management who needs to understand how current space is being used and to ensure all space is used for maximum profitability. Yet, keeping up with ever changing moves, new hires, re-purposing of space and other rapidly changing factors is challenging. eCIFM’s exclusive Space On The Go! mobile application for IBM TRIRIGA® is the answer to this challenge.

Space Surveys are Best Done with a Single Input of Information

Space On The Go! extends IBM TRIRIGA functionality beyond the desktop. Your space audit team will now have a mobile tool to quickly document which space is truly vacant, who is located in a particular space and then upload the latest information to your TRIRIGA system. With floor plans accessible in their mobile device, your team’s efficiency is increased and errors are decreased. Duplicate manual data entry is eliminated, as is redlining of floor plans. Attaching a photo of a space is easy: users can simply use the mobile device built in camera and save it to the record as well.

A Mobile App for Higher Education

This app also includes several eCIFM enhancements for the Higher Education market. eCIFM teamed with its Higher Education clients to create a solution that adds the functionality they need for their unique reporting needs. This includes data fields for Primary Investigator, specific laboratory and research fields and much more.

  • Space Surveys
  • Occupancy – Departments / Organizations / People
  • Space Allocations
  • Equipment / Assigned Assets
  • Photos


User-Defined to Fit Your Company’s Workflow

IBM TRIRIGA is a process-based system, designed to operate in the manner that suits your organization best. While some organizations opt to create tasks automatically, others prefer to include an approval process. Space On The Go! automatically loads the assigned space survey work tasks for each person doing surveys, provides the buildings, floors, space and asset information they need and then updates the TRIRIGA database in real time or after appropriate approvals.  This eliminates duplicate work and overlap that happens with more manual processes. Whatever your preferences, you’ll be able to use Space On The Go! to suit your organization’s established procedures or  to improve your workflows.

Like all of our mobile apps for IBM TRIRIGA, Services On The Go! Features:

  • Voice-to-text: Use both hands to work while making notes
  • Online/offline modes: Sync Instantly while in cell range, or work offline and sync later
  • Barcode scanners: SCAN BARCODE TAGS TO SEE EQUIPMENT HISTORY, VIEW MANUALS OR other key information
  • Photo documentation :Take pictures to record component conditions and completed work
  • Google Maps Integration: Navigate to job sites in order, based on priorities you set

On The Go! mobile apps are designed to be helpful on-the-job assistants that give your team the information they need when they need it, letting them focus on the job at hand.
With nearly universal mobile device usage, your team already has the gear needed to run all of eCIFM’s mobile apps, including Space On The Go! Facility Space Management departments can have a single source of the information needed to do—and document—their jobs.

If you want to help your team use your IWMS away from their desktop, contact us today. We’d like to hear how you use IBM TRIRIGA now, and to collaborate on a mobile solution tailored to your workflow and overall strategic goals.