Services On The Go!


The technicians and maintenance workers who keep facilities functioning nationwide used to fill out a lot of paperwork. Printing out schematics, equipment manuals, and work orders at the office in the morning, they often had clipboards or (at best) a laptop in the truck. Much of the actual form filling and submission, however, had to wait until their return to the office.

That’s no longer the case.

Services On The Go! was the first mobile app that eCIFM created for IBM TRIRIGA®. Clients wanted to give remote technicians access to all of the information they’d need to do a job in the field, without having to download and print out manuals, procedures, task priority lists, and other information at the office before heading out (and offline) for the day. We published the first version in 2005, and have been updating it with user-driven features ever since.

Services On The Go! is a mobile application that helps workers create work orders, report time, manage inventory, audit equipment, and perform inspections in the field, syncing all their data with IBM TRIRIGA.

Technicians in the field and their supervisors in multiple industries use Services On The Go!. The mobile app helps municipal workers, university and K-12 maintenance teams, physical plant managers, banking staff, and other service professionals who maintain and fix equipment every day.

Technicians in the field can use Services On The Go! to:

  • Assign, sort, and receive new work orders and information updates
  • Allocate materials, tools, parts, and assets for individual work tasks
  • Access procedures, floor plans, prior work requests, and manuals
  • Create and prioritize “on-the-fly” work orders
  • Locate requests and map out routes on Google Maps
  • Document labor time
mobile app for Services On-the-Go

If you use IBM TRIRIGA, you already know how the integrated workplace management system helps increase efficiency at every level. eCIFM created Services On The Go! to extend its utility beyond the desktop to in-field technicians—increasing the timeliness and accuracy of your data.

The Top TRIRIGA Mobile App for Work Orders

Once a technician reaches the job site, they might discover other tasks that require specialists such as an electrician or a plumber. With Services On The Go!, they can create a work order request on the spot to start those specialized tasks. Similarly, if a technician uncovers other problems that were not in the original work order, they can make the repair on the spot, and then create a work order to account for it as needed. Technicians can take pictures to document and support work orders. They can also scan equipment barcodes, which pulls up the complete recorded service history for a given component, along with any manuals or other information needed to work on it properly. The ability to create, document, and upload such tasks quickly makes it far more likely that technicians will keep complete and accurate records.

If technicians are in cell range, data is synced immediately to TRIRIGA. Workers may also use Services On The Go! in offline mode and then sync the data when they’re back in range. The mobile app prioritizes data syncing, ensuring that those offline entries won’t overwrite any entries made by colleagues in the interim.

Services On The Go! also prioritizes emergency requests, establishing job triage and task order. You can set the priority for different types of requests, to ensure that technicians always do the most critical tasks first. Or you can customize task list priorities by other criteria like location or task type. You can also ensure that work orders placed from your headquarters location always get done first. Services On The Go! uses whichever priority order you set. The mobile app’s Google Maps integration will then help ensure your team uses the most efficient routes to perform all tasks in order.

The Best Mobile App for Time Entries for In-Field Technicians

Services On-The-Go tablet app

Tracking time is hardly anyone’s favorite thing. But timekeeping is far easier and less of a hassle when it’s done on your phone—they’re more likely to be used when workers can clock in and out on their mobile devices, compared with trying to record entries manually in the field to upload later.

While IBM TRIRIGA handles time tracking, Services On The Go! extends that function onto your team’s mobile devices, making accounting for job time far simpler. How do you want time broken out? Do you want to account for time in transit separately from time on the job site? Do different facilities need to have their hours separated? As with all On The Go! mobile app functionality, the timekeeping element is user-defined, so that you can add category designations that are unique to your company. The timekeeping function is also intuitive: Technicians start a timer, which brings up categories that may be updated or changed as needed.

You can also modify timekeeping procedures to suit the needs of your company. If technicians are tracking time spent in different ways, you can then consider each category more closely. This enables you to uncover a bottleneck or other inefficiencies; eliminating those hurdles will help your team spend more time on the job and less time overcoming those problems.

Services On The Go! Improves Asset Management

Services On The Go! is far more useful than simple work order or timekeeping software. Combining functions that in-field technicians need into one mobile app makes it more likely they’ll make complete reports. In turn, this helps you make better data-driven asset management decisions. You and your team can use Services On The Go! to view details about assets being worked on, parts that are required, and all the details to maintain and repair assets.

You won’t have to guess about asset maintenance history, projected lifespan, the cost to replace vs. repair, and other issues. You’ll know. Say the current type of light bulbs used in a facility have a year of expected life left in them. You can determine whether it makes sense to replace them now or later, and also consider whether it might make financial sense to install more efficient bulbs. Services On The Go!’s asset management features will help you make such decisions based on data, not hunches or good intent.

Like all of our mobile apps for IBM TRIRIGA, Services On The Go! features:

  • Voice-to-text : Use both hands to work while making notes
  • Online/offline modes : Sync instantly while in cell range, or work offline and sync later
  • Barcode scanners : Scan barcode tags to see equipment history, view manuals or other key information
  • Photo documentation : Take pictures to record component conditions and completed work
  • Google Maps integration : Navigate to job sites in order, based on priorities you set

On The Go! mobile apps are designed to be helpful on-the-job assistants that give your team the information they need when they need it, letting them focus on the job at hand.

With nearly universal mobile device usage, your team already has the gear needed to run all of eCIFM’s mobile apps, including Services On The Go!. Technicians can have a single source of the information needed to do—and document—their jobs.

If you want to help your team use your IWMS away from their desktop, contact us today. We’d like to hear how you use IBM TRIRIGA now, and to collaborate on a mobile solution tailored to your workflow and overall strategic goals.