Requests On The Go!

IWMS challenges with a mobile workforce

Regularly-scheduled inspections and maintenance help keep facilities running, but when something’s broken, you want boots on the ground, both to report the problem and to fix it. Even smaller facility-related matters, such as reserving conference rooms, often require immediate attention. These types of situations prompted eCIFM to develop the Requests On The Go! mobile app for IBM TRIRIGA®.

The Best Facility and Incident Reporting Is Done in the Moment

Requests On The Go! extends IBM TRIRIGA functionality beyond the desktop. Anyone in your organization can use it to note problems and instantly make service requests—and Requests On The Go! is priced so you can put it in the hands of those who’ll use it the most: the people who work in the facility. Everyone from receptionists to engineers can make a request on the spot, either for problems involving large equipment such as the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, or for smaller tasks, like replacing light bulbs. Requests On The Go! gives employees the ability to take immediate action at the first sign of anything amiss, increasing the likelihood they’ll act swiftly to report potential problems instead of waiting until they become bigger issues.

Moreover, giving staff the ability to create reports in the moment means they’ll be more inclined to provide a greater level of detail. Photos documenting a particular situation or problem, such as leaking pipes, may be easily attached to a report. Including this type of additional information helps service crews prepare more fully for the job, saving everyone time, labor and expense. Once a request is made, the status may be tracked and updated as necessary.

A Mobile App for Incident Reporting

The self-service Requests On The Go! app includes an incident management module and allows users to select options from pre-populated lists. Is something working improperly but doesn’t require urgent attention, such as a faulty alarm that sporadically goes off? Does an employee need to make a damage report, or record a slip-and-fall incident? Even when an immediate fix isn’t necessary, the app lets staff log all the details.

Requests On-The-Go Service Requester

In short, Requests On The Go! users may:

  • Initiate, Track and Check Status of Facility Request
  • Use Pre-populated Data Based on Location of Last Request
  • Take and Attach Photographs
  • Report Safety Incidents
  • Make or Check Room Reservations

The Top TRIRIGA Mobile App for Facility and Incident Reporting Helps Manage Space Usage

Users of Requests On The Go! can schedule and track reservations for spaces like conference rooms and workstations, too. Users are provided with far more options than are customarily found in standard calendar applications, including check-in and check-out services, catering arrangements, and installation and dismantling of equipment. Requests On The Go! makes the use of separate office hoteling or space reservation apps unnecessary.

User-Defined to Fit Your Company’s Workflow

IBM TRIRIGA is a process-based system, designed to operate in the manner that suits your company best. While some companies opt to create tasks automatically, others prefer to include an approval process. Requests On The Go! may be used for triage purposes and to weed out duplicate work orders—after all, if fifty different employees report a burned-out light bulb, only a single response is needed. Whatever your preferences, you’ll be able to set Requests On The Go! to suit your company’s established workflow, without forcing employees to adapt to new processes and procedures.

Real-World Usage Drives Requests On The Go! Development

eCIFM developed Requests On The Go! because users wanted IBM TRIRIGA functionality onsite and away from their desks. Like all of our On The Go! mobile apps, Requests On The Go! is tested in the field and continuously improved based on feedback. Your staff can be confident the app will perform as needed when called upon.

On The Go! mobile apps run on Apple and Android mobile devices and include the following features:

  • Voice-to-text : Take notes hands-free
  • Online/offline modes : Instantly sync when in cell range, or work offline and sync later
  • Barcode scanners : Scan barcode tags to see equipment history, view manuals or other key information
  • Photo documentation : Create a visual record of component conditions and completed work
  • Google Maps integration : Create a job priority list, then navigate to job sites in order

On The Go! apps work with any version of IBM TRIRIGA 10.x, regardless of which company implemented the desktop version. So you don’t have to settle for less than the best mobile apps for TRIRIGA.

If you’d like to learn more about how Requests On The Go! can simplify your maintenance requests, incident reporting and workspace reservations, contact us today.