Projects On The Go!

eCIFM Projects On-The-Go

IBM TRIRIGA® users know how its Capital Projects Manager module helps their companies streamline facility construction and renovations. This solution helps project managers finish on time, within budget and with reduced risk. Now eCIFM’s Projects On The Go! mobile app frees Project Managers from the desktop. The mobile version helps project managers access and use data from the full desktop version via mobile devices at the worksite. Mobile app users can also provide project status back to the central TRIRIGA database, resulting in better data—and better data-driven decisions—for all users.

Projects On The Go!: The Top TRIRIGA Mobile App For Budgets and Reporting

Giving users ready access to a better supply of data makes Projects On The Go! perfect for project managers with capital projects. From within the app, they can see all vendor contacts and project items requiring approval. Users may review documents such as drawings, permits, manuals and specifications, as well as project budget, schedule and contract details. Having a mobile app for reporting and budgeting allows users the freedom to conduct work on capital projects from within the field. 

Projects On The Go! users can also:

  • Access project documents
  • Create project tasks, progress reports and accident reports
  • View project budgets
  • View project costs and invoices
  • View team members
  • View vendors
  • Review and update project tasks
  • Review project requests for information (RFIs) and change orders
  • Review and complete punch lists
  • Create and update timesheet entries for project tasks
TRIRIGA mobile app for capital projects

Get Better Data in the Moment and for Long-Term Analysis

Integrated workplace management systems (IWMS) like IBM TRIRIGA are great for making data-driven decisions. The more relevant data available the better. This is a large benefit of putting Projects On The Go! in your project managers’ hands: Convenience makes it more likely they’ll enter greater detail about a project in the moment, giving you better information with which to make your choices. This eliminates the risk of missing out on valuable data because the documentation process was inconvenient. Having access to better data in the moment reaps long-term benefits by allowing users to make more comprehensive analyses of the gathered information later on.

World-Class Development and In-Field Testing

Projects On-the-Go

eCIFM’s developers include some of the world’s leading experts on IBM TRIRIGA. Their deep knowledge of how clients use IWMS has informed development of all On The Go! apps from the start. Ever since launching the first On The Go! app in 2005, we add to them and refine them continuously, often making improvements based on in-field customer experiences and requests.

Like all eCIFM mobile apps, Projects On The Go! is field-tested. That means your project managers and other users can count on it when needed. All On The Go! app users can work online or offline, so they can continue to document projects while at remote worksites.

All On The Go! apps feature the following:

  • Native voice-to-text feature to allow users to take notes even when their hands are occupied
  • Online and offline modes to let users work offline, then instantly sync when they’re back in cell range
  • Barcode scanners to scan barcode tags to see equipment history, view manuals or other key information
  • Photo documentation to record the project progress
  • Integration with Google Maps to help users navigate to multiple job sites in order of priority

No matter who performed your original desktop installation of IBM TRIRIGA, and no matter which version you’re using, eCIFM can set you up with our On The Go! apps.

We’d like to know how you use IBM TRIRIGA, and how we can help you use Projects On The Go! to organize and manage your capital projects. Contact us today.