Inspections On The Go!


When an asset is generating an outsized number of service calls, you want to know why. Moreover, you want to know if replacing it is worth it—or if you should send a team out for the fifth time to fix the same problem. Either way, you need information to make the decision: How old is the piece of equipment? When is the last time it was maintained, and what is its service history? And if you’re having trouble getting budget for your deferred maintenance, getting those answers and understanding the state of your assets across all facilities is critical to making your case.

Regular inspections can determine the age, history, and expected lifespan of equipment to prevent problems before they occur. However, inspections can be arduous and (in the case of annual inspections) extremely expensive. And how do your inspectors record their findings? Since time always equals money, you need to ensure that both the inspection process itself and the mechanics of recording findings are as efficient as possible.

eCIFM created its Inspections On The Go! mobile app for IBM TRIRIGA® for this very purpose. The application is a convenient way to perform inspections and record data gathered during field inspections and full facility audits. Inspectors streamline the process by taking the app with them and syncing the data they collect automatically back to TRIRIGA. This yields the information that decision-makers need to make effective, efficient asset management decisions. Inspectors can audit the usage of space and note issues down to the individual asset level, all driven by parameters and requirements customized by you for your unique asset portfolio. Streamlining processes and organizing data helps reduce costs, while your inspectors and auditors help you build a case for getting that deferred maintenance budget.

A Mobile App for Inspections and Audits

Conducting inspections with a laptop in the field is a real juggling act. If an inspector is using spreadsheets, they might have to flip through multiple tabs, checking equipment and components by row and column. That is a clunky and potentially incomplete process. In contrast, eCIFM’s Inspections On The Go! mobile app is both easier to use and more robust, with the equipment and categories requiring assessment built-in. You’ll know your people are taking a comprehensive look at assets, because the app accesses a database that covers them all—doors, windows, equipment, systems—all of it.

Inspections On The Go! was developed by some of the world’s leading IBM TRIRIGA experts. We created the first version in 2012 and have been updating it with user-driven features ever since. Inspections On The Go! adds mobile access to key tools that inspectors and auditors need, including:

  • Real-time access to inspection data and records for the condition of assets and facilities
  • Barcode scanning for quick data access to equipment manuals and service history
  • Linked AutoCAD floor plans and occupancy data
  • Record updating on-the-fly
  • Space assignment and allocation metrics
Use Inspections On-the-Go on your mobile phone

Design the Functions for Your Unique Asset Management Needs

Designed to support inspections on a granular level, the Inspections On The Go! mobile app has the capability to cover all of the assets in a building, down to the individual door hardware, should you so choose. How often are you required to inspect your fire extinguishers? Some equipment might need checking every three months, while other equipment might get inspected as part of an overall annual audit. For that matter, who needs to perform the audit? You can set recurring inspection cycles in advance, to cover any asset, along with notes on any credentials or skills auditors will need. All of this helps keep your people safe and your facilities in compliance. Know:

  • Property maintenance budget

  • Building value

  • Replacement vs. repair considerations

Not only does this support your team in the field, but the level of inspection detail means you’ll have more precise data on when to make your overall asset management decisions. Since inspectors can enter findings and make reports on the spot, they’re likely to record more detail. That makes it easier for your team to access their notes, and for you to make the best possible decisions about assets based on the data.

Inspections On The Go! Supports Third-Party Inspections

Inspections On The Go! also supports inspections and audits by authorized third-party companies. For Facility Condition Assessment assignments, they’ll have the following at their fingertips:

Use Inspections On-the-Go on your tablet
  • All relevant asset categories
  • Asset location
  • Condition scale for assets

As they walk the campus or workspace grounds, noticing problems, inspectors have access to data that can help in determining when it makes economic sense to recommend a replacement. The app helps them access the history of an asset’s age, recommended lifespan, wear-and-tear, original purchase price, cost to buy a new one, and costs of different kinds of repairs. This lets them note opportunities to extend asset life, when merited. By using the same mobile app as your own team, third parties can deliver the same detailed data, enabling the same data-driven asset management decisions—and the same opportunities for increasing efficiency.

Inspections On The Go! is Field-Tested and Continuously Updated

As with all of our On The Go! mobile apps, eCIFM developed Inspections-On The Go! based on user needs to extend IBM TRIRIGA functionality from the desktop into the field. We respond to feedback continuously, resulting in field-tested, robust apps that perform as needed, when needed.

Inspections On The Go! can be configured to best suit your company’s workflow, which minimizes the learning curve and maximizes usefulness. The app is intuitive, incorporating barcode scanning and Google maps, and runs on both Apple and Android devices.The app also features online/offline functionality, so if an inspector is out of cell range, they can still make their rounds and document findings without the risk of losing data.

All On The Go! apps feature:

  • Voice-to-text : Take notes hands-free
  • Online/offline modes : Instantly sync when in cell range, or work offline and sync later
  • Barcode scanners : Scan barcode tags to see equipment history, view manuals or other key information
  • Photo documentation : Create a visual record of component conditions and completed work
  • Google Maps integration : Create a job priority list, then navigate to job sites in order

eCIFM helps customers with any version of IBM TRIRIGA get On The Go! apps up and running, regardless of which company performed the original desktop implementation. Our implementer-agnostic approach means that you don’t have to settle for less than the best mobile apps for TRIRIGA.

We’d like to hear how you use IBM TRIRIGA, and how we can help you use Inspections On The Go! to streamline your inspections processes. Contact us today.