Approvals On The Go!

Ten Reasons Your Company Should Use an IWMS

IBM TRIRIGA® users know that almost any task may involve an approval process. Whether it’s purchase orders, space management proposals, work orders or anything else, this integrated workplace management system (IWMS) saves time by streamlining the process. IBM TRIRIGA eliminates the need to track down a series of people for their OKs by ensuring that everything required to make approval decisions and get the required signoffs is in one place.

That’s fine when everyone’s at their desks with IBM TRIRIGA open, but the approval process still needs to continue when people are in the field, offsite or away from their computers. That’s why eCIFM developed the Approvals On The Go! mobile app for IBM TRIRIGA.

Approvals On The Go! is designed for managers who need items approved, clarified or redirected. With Approvals On The Go!, information about approvals is transferred back and forth seamlessly between IBM TRIRIGA and mobile devices.

Approvals On The Go! Keeps Your Train of Approvals Running

Approvals On The Go! is platform-agnostic. It works on both iPads and Android tablets and with any version of IBM TRIRIGA 10.x, regardless of who installed or implemented it. Moreover, it has online and offline work modes, so you can keep the approval process moving at any and all times. Many users find it easy to work offline during their morning commute. If your train’s wi-fi is spotty or you can’t get a cellphone signal, it doesn’t matter: With Approvals On The Go!, you can use the app offline to work on the most recently updated version of task approvals, then sync upon exit when you reconnect. The app will keep the data straight—no need to worry about someone else working on the same task and overwriting your data while you’re offline.

Functionality Beyond the Desktop

Approvals On The Go! has features that go beyond the desktop version of IBM TRIRIGA. While the desktop version sends emails as part of the approvals process, they’re limited in detail: If you need more information, you have to switch from your email app to the desktop version of the IWMS. That’s especially true with attachments, which are often unviewable in mobile browsers. With Approvals On The Go!, your mobile device contains all the information you need to make decisions right away.

Approvals On The Go! ensures your managers can handle all standard approval functions, including:

  • Review your list of assigned approvals

  • Review the details of assigned approvals that need approval including a snapshot of all the items fields in PDF format, other files attached to the item, and comments from previous reviewers.

  • Approve an item and make comments

  • Return an item with comments requesting changes

  • Reassign the approval of the item

Since you can add approvals to any task and tailor each to your company’s workflow, this list is functionally endless. Whether you need to have every step of the approvals process duplicated at every level of signoff or just want access to critical approval functions, it’s all up to you.

eCIFM Approvals On-The-Go

Seamless Integration with Other On The Go! Apps

Although Approvals On The Go! works great as a standalone enhancement to IBM TRIRIGA,  eCIFM’s developers have ensured it works smoothly with other On The Go! apps for TRIRIGA as well. Requests On The Go! is a great example: Within the app, someone can submit a request, and if approval is necessary, it will be routed to the correct person.

User-Defined Functionality

As with all eCIFM mobile apps, you can tailor Approvals On The Go! to best suit your existing workflow. If you want to place a priority on certain types of requests, you can set the app to escalate them automatically. If others need an additional level of approval, you can do that. If you make changes to your approval procedures or to the personnel needed to make decisions, you can update those items readily. No need to issue a suite of new manuals: Your updated requirements will be plainly visible in Approvals On The Go!.

As with all of our mobile apps for IBM TRIRIGA, Approvals On The Go! features:

  • Voice-to-text : Take hands-free notes without interrupting workflow
  • Online/offline modes : Sync instantly or work offline and sync later
  • Barcode scanners : Scan barcode tags to see equipment history, view manuals or other key information
  • Photo documentation : Take photos to document completed work and component conditions
  • Google Maps integration : Visit job sites in the order of your priorities

eCIFM started developing its suite of mobile apps in 2005 and has been continuously improving them and adding to them ever since. Many features of our apps have been suggested by clients in multiple industries, based on their experiences and needs. As a result of client input, our On The Go! apps don’t simply duplicate IBM TRIRIGA desktop features—they’re field-tested, robust and designed to work specifically for mobile. On The Go! mobile apps provide your team with ready access to needed information, which allows them to focus on necessary tasks.

To learn more about how to use your IWMS on your mobile device, contact us today. We’d like to hear how you currently use IBM TRIRIGA and to find a solution that helps simplify your workflow and achieve your goals.