On The Go! Mobile Solutions | Top Enterprise Asset Management Apps for TRIRIGA

eCIFM’s On The Go! Mobile solutions put IBM TRIRIGA®  in the hands of your workforce. On The Go! apps untether your team from their desks, enabling in-the-moment requests, reporting, updating, and more. We currently offer eight apps for workers to use in the field, with more in development. Whatever version of IBM TRIRIGA your company uses, our apps are compatible—and they run on both iPhone and Android devices.

We started our mobile offerings with Services On The Go!, when IBM TRIRIGA users asked eCIFM for a way to enter and track work orders via mobile. Now On The Go! apps can perform a multitude of tasks, including placing orders for parts, assisting in onsite inspections and audits, and coordinating project work by different workers. All On The Go! apps feature voice-to-text, online/offline modes, barcode scanners, photo documentation, and Google Maps integration. In short, they’re designed to be useful onsite companions that provide workers with on-demand access to information that let them focus on the job at hand.

Here’s why eCIFM’s On The Go! applications are the best.

eCIFM’s TRIRIGA Mobile Apps are Field-Tested and Proven

When our IBM TRIRIGA clients expressed a need to extend the software’s capabilities into the field, we custom-built these apps for them. That’s what makes On The Go! apps so effective: Their functionality and features are rooted in real-life use cases and needs and are refined and improved upon continuously.  

Our technology is always evolving and keeping up with the latest usage trends for configurability and functionality. All of eCIFM’s On The Go! apps are field-tested and proven in this manner. This is critical to getting user buy-in; if an app function doesn’t work as needed or fails in the field, workers will be less likely to use it—making your IWMS less useful.

eCIFM’s Top Enterprise Asset Management Mobile Apps are Intuitive

Even if an app is tested and proven, it still needs to be easy to use—and useful. On The Go! apps are intuitive; users don’t need extensive training to learn new interfaces and procedures. Requesting a conference room, logging a maintenance request, or viewing a project schedule is simple and straightforward. If a maintenance worker has questions on a piece of equipment, they can simply scan its barcode on the spot from within the app and can download its specs and service history.

eCIFM’s On The Go! Apps are User-Configurable

TRIRIGA IWMS is process-based software. Some companies set it up to create work tasks automatically; others want an approval process, while still others set it to do task triage and reduce duplicative work orders (you only need to replace a bulb once, even if it’s reported by 50 different people). Regardless of how your company uses TRIRIGA, all On The Go! mobile apps are configurable to suit your workflow—you won’t have to re-engineer your entire organization to start benefiting from them.


Choose Only the Apps You Need

eCIFM currently offers eight On The Go! apps:

Services On-The-Go

Work Orders & PMs
Time Entry
Asset Management

IWMS challenges with a mobile workforce

Facility Requests
Incident Reporting

Use Facility Condition Assessment as Part of Your IWMS

Condition Assessment
Asset Inspections

Best Practices for Capital Assets Management

Assign Resources
Prioritize Work Orders

Ten Reasons Your Company Should Use an IWMS

Any TRIRIGA Approval
Linked Record & Documents
Approve, Return, Reassign

eCIFM Projects On-The-Go

Project Schedules
Project Budgets
Project Documents

eCIFM Mobile IWMS App Inventory-On-The-Go

Cycle Counts
Issue of Inventory
Item Receipt and Reorder

Meet eCIFM at IBM TRIRIGA University 2018

Space Surveys
Space Allocations

Each app is available as a standalone enhancement to IBM TRIRIGA. You don’t have to get the whole suite if you only need to support your inspection staff with Inspections On The Go!, for instance, or if management needs the ability to approve processes during their daily train or bus commutes.

All of eCIFM’s On The Go! apps have been developed based on customer needs. Many features and functions have come directly from customers, with the best ideas standardized and incorporated into our On The Go! apps. We’d like to hear how you use IBM TRIRIGA and how we can help your company use On The Go! apps to get more out of your IWMS. Contact us today.