Best Retail Management Software For Revenue & Capital Expenditure Control

Decrease Time to Market with an IWMS
  • Enhanced reporting for better analysis
  • Location development optimization
  • Streamlined retail operations.

Retailers are in a highly competitive and fast-paced industry, constantly needing to meet deadlines and make sales quotas. A powerful Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) like IBM TRIRIGA can help retailers manage all the buildings, leased or owned, in their real estate portfolio and use every bit of space optimally, all of which will help cut costs, reduce waste and streamline operations.

eCIFM, a premier IBM retail partner and certified value-added TRIRIGA reseller, has designed a software solution to help retailers get the most value from TRIRIGA. TRIRIGA gives you a single view of all the locations and assets in your portfolio, which enables you to make data-driven decisions and develop a business strategy that will work over time. With TRIRIGA’s aid, you can operate every location as efficiently as possible and see which locations are profitable—and which need more attention. Our solution is designed to work cross-functionally and holistically across locations to increase efficiency and reduce expenses, thus paving the way to a significant return on investment (ROI).

From working with industry leaders, we’ve created our retail management software to handle the critical needs of retailers, which include revenue generation and capital expenditure control.

eCIFM can help retailers with store lifecycle management

Use Retail Management Software for Store Lifecycle Management

When a store’s performance lags, our TRIRIGA-based solution will help you pinpoint the root causes and give you the data needed to fix them. If an underperforming location should be renovated in order to enhance your ability to generate revenue, TRIRIGA will let you know what needs to be done; if closing that location is the most prudent course of action, you’ll have solid data to support a difficult decision. Our solution also offers controls to prevent unnecessary expenses from retail leakage caused by underperforming locations.

Whether you’re trying to open a new location or remodel an existing one, opening even a week ahead of schedule can mean hundreds of thousands of dollars in added revenue. eCIFM’s retail solution can help you manage your store lifecycle pipeline for the quickest possible time to market (TTM). This includes vendor management to help open your new and remodeled locations on schedule and within budget. Once your stores are up and running, eCIFM and TRIRIGA will help you fine-tune operations and maintenance for maximum efficiency, potentially freeing up more development dollars.

Track and Manage All Your Leases with Retail Management Software

Keeping track of leases for a handful of buildings is a headache. If you have dozens—or maybe even hundreds—of locations spread out across the globe, that headache looks more like a nightmare. eCIFM’s retail solution uses TRIRIGA’s formidable ability to track all your leases across all the buildings in your real estate portfolio. With TRIRIGA’s aid, you’ll be able to keep an eye on critical renewal dates and have clear visibility into lease escalation costs. TRIRIGA will also ensure that your lease accounting is compliant with all the new FASB and IASB regulations.

eCIFM for retail can help track and manage leases

Retail Management Software Can Help Control Your Capital Expenditures

The ability to identify potential overruns and delays in your capital expenditures and project costs is a vital part of managing capital projects: You need to be able to spot potential problems far enough in advance to do something about them. Our retail solution includes capital project management software to help you do exactly that. It’ll also help you manage remodeling projects, along with every other part of the lifecycle of your stores, from planning through decommissioning.

eCIFM can help retailers get started with IBM TRIRIGA

Getting Started with eCIFM’s Retail Management Software

eCIFM can help you install TRIRIGA and customize it to make sure your organization is able to receive the most value from it. We’ll migrate your existing data into it and train you and your people on how to use it. In addition to our industry-specific TRIRIGA software solutions, we’ve also developed products to help make TRIRIGA even more effective, including a line of robust mobile apps that bring TRIRIGA’s power and abilities away from the desktop and into the field. If your organization could use a revenue boost, or if your current strategy isn’t producing the results you need, contact us to schedule a demonstration and to discuss the ways TRIRIGA can help streamline your business. We’d love to hear from you.