Manufacturing & Technology

Manufacturing & Technology

Increase the productivity of your facilities and locations

Manage operations, maintenance, and projects all within a single platform

Increase visibility into energy management and utility costs

Ensure compliance with regulatory and corporate governance requirements

Manufacturing and Technology companies are remarkably innovative. To compete in such an advanced industry, these companies require a comprehensive system that offers analytic and reporting tools to reduce facility costs, optimize their real estate portfolio, improve regulatory compliance, and increase productivity.

Advantages of Our Solution:

  • Data-driven approach to manage facilities and physical assets
  • Manage new and ongoing capital construction and facility renovation projects
  • Track and maintain facility analytics including utilization, density, vacancy rates, and charge backs
  • Reduce costs through strategic planning efforts

Why Us?

From that very first point of contact, we guide, mentor, and support your efforts every step of the way to ensure that our solution exceeds your business requirements.  Offering implementation services, on-site or web-based training, and data migration services, we are committed to maximizing the value of your investment.