Education: K-12


Coordinate efforts between sustainability, space, operations, and project teams

Visibility into maintenance at all campus locations

Lead strategic and capital planning

Optimize campus facilities and assets

K-12 School Districts are under both financial and operational pressures due to changing student enrollment and constrained funding. Districts often find themselves searching for a complete integrated solution to streamline and simplify overall processes while providing transparent data to executive decision-makers or the public.

Advantages of Our Solution:

  • Use business analytics to determine which building improvements will save money over the long-term and when it’s better to rebuild or remodel a school building while cutting costs and increasing ROI
  • Track the condition of every facility and its equipment, analyze the repair cost versus the replacement cost with a Facility Condition Assessment (FCA), and Facility Condition Index (FCI)
  • Meet Energy Star reporting that incorporates Federal EPA guidelines
  • Link CAD floor plans to view department space allocations and space classifications across all facilities

Why Us?

From that very first point of contact, we guide, mentor, and support your efforts every step of the way to ensure that our solution exceeds your business requirements. Offering implementation services, on-site or web-based training, and data migration services, we are committed to maximizing the value of your investment.