How Facility Managers Can Gain Complete Visibility into All Their Facility Data from a Single Source

How Facility Managers Can Gain Complete Visibility into All Their Facility Data from a Single Source Myth 9: Multi-Party Means Multi-Platform Here’s another myth in our series: Multi-party applications require multiple platforms to manage. This may have been the case in the early days of facilities management, but thanks to eCIFM® and its suite of [...]

Plan a Safe Return to Work With TRIRIGA® Mobile Apps

Plan a Safe Return to Work With TRIRIGA® Mobile Apps Although we’re still in the throes of COVID-19, business managers are naturally wondering what’ll happen when things return to normal. Or at least, back to a new normal. The latest research from Gartner shows at least 41% of employees will continue to work remotely at [...]

What is the Key to TRIRIGA Mobile Adoption for Your Workforce?

What is the Key to TRIRIGA Mobile Adoption for Your Workforce? Myth 8: If We Build It, They Will Come “If you build it, they will come.” We’ve all heard the famous mantra from 1989’s “Field of Dreams”; it’s an idea that has taken hold of pop culture over the years and made its way [...]

Make These 4 Important Supervisor Tasks Easier with a Mobile TRIRIGA Solution

A Mobile IWMS Solution Makes These Four Important Supervisor Tasks Easier Supervisors must dispatch teams, guide workers, and manage work quality in day-to-day operations. This is true in all industries. A supervisor must ensure that all goals are met, and improved facility management is an organizational goal that has to be tackled from all levels. [...]

Give Your Inspectors the Power of TRIRIGA at their Fingertips

Give Your Inspectors the Power of TRIRIGA As facility managers know, inspections are a regular part of portfolio management. Every building and asset in the portfolio needs regular audits. Even an integrated workplace management system (IWMS) like TRIRIGA®  has its limitations here. Even though TRIRIGA works great as an IWMS, field inspectors have had imperfect [...]

3 Inventory Management Benefits When You Go Mobile

Inventory Management is Easy When You Go Mobile Inventory management is the beating heart of many enterprise-level businesses. All kinds of inventory are in motion at all times. As such, effective inventory management is crucial. That’s why smart business leaders use mobile solutions that can bridge the gap between an integrated workplace management system (IWMS) [...]

3 Questions You Should Ask to Improve How Your Technicians Work

Improve the Way Your Technicians Work With Services On the Go! Enterprise-level business leaders know that the right tools can be game changers. That’s why many real estate and facility maintenance managers today use a tried-and-tested integrated workplace management system (IWMS) like TRIRIGA® in the first place. But what if you could put the power [...]

Maximize Your ROI and Reduce Your Cost of Ownership with a TRIRIGA Mobile Solution

Myth 7: Mobile Solutions Are Too Costly In our experience, one of the biggest sticking points for businesses considering new mobile solutions is that they cost too much. “We’ll never get an ROI from that.” This mindset is common, but it’s also understandable, given how reticent some companies are to explore new technologies. And when [...]

Optimize Your Project Management That Reduces Barriers to Data Access and Communication

Myth 6: You Need to Buy Multiple Mobile Apps By now, your team has recognized the value of TRIRIGA® as an integrated workplace management system (IWMS) and the benefits it brings to your operation. But as you’ve also seen, the great features of TRIRIGA® are underscored by one notable drawback: a lack of mobile integration. [...]

Mobile Apps Make Social Distancing Easier and More Productive

COVID-19 is changing the way people do business all around the world. Whether it’s work-from-home policies or complete shutdowns, companies are having to deploy innovative solutions to adhere to government-mandated social distancing directives, all while maintaining critical business operations. Of course, not every business can simply close-down the building and tell everyone to work remotely.  [...]

How to Gain the Most Accessible and Accurate Data with Your TRIRIGA Mobile Solution

Myth 5: Where is my Data? For a long time, real estate portfolio management was a bit of a guessing game. Before the rise of integrated workplace management systems (IWMS), each facility’s records were siloed, disconnected from one another, and spread across different channels (legacy systems, paper drawings, and so on). It wasn’t until solutions [...]

How On the Go! Dispels the IT Device Headache by Allowing Employees to Experience Full Power of TRIRIGA Integrated their Own Mobile Device

Myth 4: Too Many IT Device Headaches There was a time when facility maintenance, real estate management, and enterprise oversight relied heavily on specialized mobile devices and proprietary software that operated behind the scenes. These devices and platforms that powered the day-to-day grind were often the backbone upon which tasks are assigned and work is [...]

4 Ways to Empower Your Workforce with TRIRIGA Mobile Apps

For large organizations with sprawling campuses, it’s crucial to have a system for identifying issues and determining what improvements should be made. eCIFM On The Go! mobile apps give inspectors the technology to quickly perform such assessments, creating complete logs of facility conditions and uploading the data back to TRIRIGA® in real-time. Let’s review a [...]

Can You Count Inventory In Real-Time? How to Maximize Productivity for Mobile Technicians

Regular inventory counts are an essential part of facilities management. When it comes time to perform these counts, inventory managers need accurate and up-to-date information on product details, delivered in real-time, to ensure that the process goes off without a hitch. The only problem is that you can't find this type of efficiency through your [...]

How to Empower Your Technicians with Needed Information to Perform Work at Their Fingertips

How to Empower Your Technicians with Needed Information to Perform Work at Their Fingertips Gone are the days of printed work orders, unorganized document notes, and manual system updates. Technicians have relied on these outdated work management systems for a while (and many still do), but the industry is reaching an inflection point where geographic [...]

Mobile TRIRIGA Technology Helps Supervisors Manage Workers On-Site

Mobile TRIRIGA Technology Helps Supervisors Manage Workers On-Site Integrated workplace management systems (IWMS) like IBM TRIRIGA give corporate users the ability to manage real estate and facility maintenance under one umbrella. An all-in-one IWMS platform is designed to be easy to integrate and even easier to understand and utilize. Mobile TRIRIGA technology brings that ease [...]

3 Mistakes to Avoid In Your TRIRIGA® Mobile Implementation

3 Mistakes to Avoid In Your TRIRIGA® Mobile Implementation TRIRIGA® mobile apps are a proven way to improve workforce management and productivity. But what do project managers need to know before starting an implementation? In our experience, companies get excited at the prospect of cutting-edge new solutions and push forward without doing their due diligence. [...]

Top 9 Essential Features for a Successful TRIRIGA® Mobile Experience

Top 9 Essential Features for a Successful TRIRIGA® Mobile Experience Mobile apps for TRIRIGA bring the power of the platform to the hands of your mobile workforce. Across scheduling, maintenance, and inventory management, the right mobile application gives your team the means to problem-solve in the field and streamline communication on all fronts—provided those applications [...]

How TRIRIGA Mobile Applications Can Improve Your Project Management

What Can TRIRIGA Mobile Solutions Do for You? Every organization wants to stay productive, but in some industries, productivity pays bigger dividends than others. This is particularly true for field service and workforce management, where companies are always looking for ways to incrementally boost efficiency and cut down on labor costs. But what if these […]

How TRIRIGA Mobile On-site Accessibility Changes the Way You Operate

Myth 3: Is My Data There Yet? Almost 50% of adults in the United States believe that internet access is a human right, so it’s easy to take on-the-job connectivity for granted in a world that thrives online. But what happens when an internet connection goes down on-site? Do your operations come to an abrupt [...]

How Enterprise TRIRIGA Mobile Applications Can Generate Rich Asset Information

Myth 2: If Only I Could Get a Better View Facility management and maintenance is a big-ticket expense for enterprise-level businesses, second only to payroll. With facility maintenance and management costs comprising up to  40 to 50% of your operational budget every year, it’s important to find ways to streamline operations and reduce overhead.  Little [...]

How Enterprise Mobile Applications Can Extend Your IBM TRIRIGA Capabilities

Myth 1: You Need to Settle for Out-of-the-Box Functionality Our world runs on mobile, but integrating mobile solutions in an existing enterprise is easier said than done. Adobe surveyed 1,500 business leaders on the state of the enterprise mobile application market, finding that a majority (61%) believed that companies without enterprise mobile applications were at [...]

The Top IBM TRIRIGA Consultants are Here

When businesses, non-profits, or educational institutions manage their real estate portfolio, capital projects, and environmental operations, help is sometimes necessary. Many turn to an application suite called an Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) which provides this functionality within a singular platform. IBM TRIRIGA is a preeminent example of an IWMS assisting organizations in both the […]

IBM TRIRIGA is the Workplace Management System for Your Business

Managing your business’s corporate real estate is a necessary task, but one with the potential to siphon the productivity of your staff. Using an integrated workspace management solution helps make this process more efficient, but who has the best IWMS? IBM TRIRIGA is an industry-leading application; one that’s the missing key to providing efficient facilities […]

IBM TRIRIGA Can Go Everywhere with Our Mobile Inspection Software

It’s true that IBM TRIRIGA helps businesses of all sizes and in many different industries makes all the difference in managing real estate. One of the most pressing duties for anyone responsible for workplace management involves conducting regular inspections. This task becomes more of a hassle without remote access to your organization’s workplace management software. […]

5 Ways TRIRIGA Software Can Improve your Inventory Management

Does facilities management have you frustrated? If so, you’re probably not alone. Properly managing facilities is one of the complex tasks that face big business. From keeping facilities running efficiently to keeping them safe, there’s a lot to focus on. Inventory management, in particular, can really take up a chunk of your time. That is […]

Take IBM TRIRIGA On the Go With Our Family of Apps

Organizations already know IBM TRIRIGA helps manage their real estate, capital projects, maintenance, and more. Companies from the Fortune 500 to medium-sized firms leverage the system to improve their operational efficiency and boost their bottom line. However, managing capital assets from within your office isn’t always possible. Site visits are essential. Thankfully, eCIFM offers a […]

How Mobile Apps Can Improve Your Work Order Organization

Without solid data to manage your facilities, there can be no solid performance measures. Organizations that leave their integrated facilities management tasks and oversight to chance are doomed to lose money and stay stuck with varying service levels. If your facilities management software solution doesn’t include mobile apps you’re losing both time and data. With over 5 […]

4 Things You Can Do To Achieve FASB Compliance

You think your company’s doing just fine. At least, you’re pretty sure. But the Financial Accounting Standards Board just changed their compliance standards, though, so you can’t be entirely sure. Fortunately, there are a few relatively painless ways to work towards complete FASB compliance. In this article, we’ll break down three of them for you. This will help […]

3 Benefits Of Using TRIRIGA Workplace Management Solutions

Above all, you’re concerned about your organization’s success. And that means you know when your business needs some improvement–and what you can do to give it the necessary boost. Some investments, like IWMS workplace management solutions, are just a no-brainer. If you’ve never heard of integrated workplace management systems and are curious (or skeptical) about what they […]

Is TRIRIGA The Top Real Estate Management Software Solution?

In order to stay ahead, you need to make your business leaner, smarter, and more efficient–even when you’re managing a massive real estate portfolio. The best tools will help you get there, like IBM’s TRIRIGA arguably the top real estate software in the business. Never heard of TRIRIGA before? Not sure whether it’s the right fit for […]

What Is TRIRIGA And How Can It Help Your Business?

When it comes to your business, you know that you could benefit from running more efficiently. The problem is, you still need to deal with all the small details that keep your facility running smoothly. This is where IBM TRIRIGA services can help your company thrive. Still wondering, “What is TRIRIGA?” No worries. Keep reading to find […]