Federal Government

“eCIFM Solutions has been an outstanding business partner. Their vision, leadership, expertise, and dedication to this effort were unparalleled. They led requirements discussions, made recommendations, and implemented the system to design. An unforeseen end of contract scope change nearly jeopardized their ability to deliver on time and on budget, but their flexible and versatile team of technical and program management resources were able to accommodate our needs without impacting our overall schedule and cost.  They are a great technical resource with an excellent demeanor to succeed in difficult environments; what should have been a two-year complex implementation was completed in 8 months. This major accomplishment could not have happened without them.  They have set us up for future success and we look forward to working with them again.”

-Program Manager, DoE Site

Local Government

“Our school district has used TRIRIGA FacilityCenter (7.x) since 2000. In 2008, I was asked by the Director of Facilities and Asset Management (FAM) to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of upgrading to the latest version of TRIRIGA 9.x. In 2009 we made the decision to upgrade based on the following:

  • FC 7.3 is a highly structured database that is “client/server” based as opposed to FC 9.x which is an easily customizable “web” based database. From an organization standpoint, this gives FAM the ability to make the database available to more users. Specific user groups can be assigned unique rights to the data that they can see and edit using our website.
  • Our existing software licenses for FC 7.3 will allow us to move to FC 9.x with only minimal software expense. This means that many of the improved modules packaged in FC 9.x will be available with only minimal up front and yearly licensing cost.
  • All of the modules that we currently use extensively (Portfolio, Operations) are vastly improved, with more useful data fields “out of the box,” and the structure of TRIRIGA 9 gives us the ability to easily modify and add more fields.
  • All of the modules have improved functionality. Of note are the Project Management and Real Estate modules. These two modules will capture detailed data in an integrated system that we currently either track in isolated legacy systems or not at all.

With the support of eCIFM, we upgraded and went live in September 2009. eCIFM’s support prior to “go live” helped us get a feel for the new version, and they worked with us as we fine tuned the system to meet our processes. Following “go live,” there was an expected adjustment period for the users that occurs with any new system. During that time, eCIFM was always there to support our implementation team with prompt response and critical on-the-fly training. eCIFM also supported us when technical issues arose by taking the issue to TRIRIGA Customer Support and helping us to resolve the issue promptly. eCIFM has continued to support us as we gradually fine tune reports, add and adjust user groups, and implement additional modules.”

– Project Manager, K-12 Public Schools

Federal Government Agency

“We have been using TRIRIGA since 1995 when it was Innovative Tech (SPAN-FM).  Even then, through the use of Intergraph’s Digital Plotting software (now Bentley), we were able to plot the space utilization drawings to a web interface so all our employees could have access to the building drawings. Innovative Tech was sold to Peregrine Systems in 1998 and was renamed FacilityCenter which we used until 2002 when it was bought by TRIRIGA. We just upgraded to the web-based application, TRIRIGA 9 Facilities, in 2007 using eCIFM as our on-site consultants to help with the transition.

After approximately three months, we were up and running with the software and have never looked back. We are currently using the facilities module and CAD Integrator for microstation, but have plans to add the move management and strategic facility planning modules within the next few years. Using the employee self-service login, an inexperienced user can run a multitude of reports and queries without the need to know the software or have it installed on their machines. We would highly recommend this software to anyone who is considering an application of this type. We feel it’s the best on the market.

We used eCIFM Solutions to implement the TRIRIGA 9 Facilities software and to migrate data from our facility center. They were able to take our impossible schedule and deliver the project on time and on budget. Sanjiv and his crew were a pleasure to work with and we will definitely use them again when we are ready to implement other TRIRIGA modules.”

– Project Manager, Federal Government Agency

Corporate Real Estate

“I evaluated the TRIRIGA IWMS product along with several other industry solutions prior to selecting TRIRIGA for our real estate operation. The key discriminators for our selection of the TRIRIGA solution were as follows:

  • Platform flexibility – The ability to adjust data content, forms, workflows, controls and reporting using the integrated tools is critical to our project-based business model. We require a solution that can quickly adapt to changes in our business environment, and the TRIRIGA solution presented the most complete and flexible solution for our needs. The tooling necessary to support that flexibility is built in, and can eliminate the wait for functional changes to work through a software vendor’s enhancement queue.
  • Robust capabilities in an integrated solution – While most of the IWM solutions I reviewed included support for typical facilities, CMMS, and space management operations, the TRIRIGA solution presented substantial out of the box capabilities in these critical functional; real estate lease management, real estate transaction / project management, program management and construction project management.
  • The TRIRIGA solutions’ delivery and integration of those robust “out of the box” transactional and operational capabilities in a flexible, tool-rich, user configurable solution became the key discriminator in our selection process.

In order to expedite the implementation of the TRIRIGA solution, I chose to augment my small staff with an implementation partner. eCIFM Solutions provided the domain expertise, vendor coordination, and technical experience that I needed to shorten the deployment window for the TRIRIGA solution, at a fair and competitive rate. eCIFM assisted with the initial planning and process engineering and consulting necessary to implement the TRIRIGA solution. The eCIFM staff provided hands on, end-user orientation and training for key functional components of the system, and provided configuration and development of many of the necessary forms and workflows to meet our needs. I presented some challenging requirements to the eCIFM team and they have always found a way to make it work within the context of the TRIRIGA product. The quality of their work has been consistently high, and I continue to use their services in the ongoing support of our installed TRIRIGA platform.”

– Manager, Corporate Real Estate Systems

Real Estate and Facilities

“As the premier provider of communications, engineering, and integration solutions, we help our customers in the defense, commercial and government industries mitigate risk, improve operational and systems performance and meet program requirements. We are a global company distinguished by our technical strength, knowledge and experience. Our innovation, disciplined pursuit of excellence and dedication to your success are all key distinctions that define our past, strengthen our present and focus our future. With leased locations all over the world that include office leases, warehouse leases, testing facilities and leased space in airports, our company has used TRIRIGA software for the past six years.

eCIFM was the company we chose to implement a major upgrade to our existing TRIRIGA system. This implementation included self service configuration, preventative maintenance configuration and real estate leases and project configuration with an emphasis on customizations to name a few. Upon completion of the upgrade, eCIFM has remained our consultant for all TRIRIGA systems and continues to provide us superior service and response time for all our needs.”

– Senior Manager, Real Estate and Facilities


“With the support of eCIFM, our school upgraded and went live in September 2009.  eCIFM’s support prior to “go live” helped us get a feel for the new version and they worked with us as we fine tuned the system to meet our processes.  Following “go live”, there was an expected “adjustment period” for the users that occurs with any new system.  During that time eCIFM was always there to support the implementation team with prompt response and critical “on the fly” training.  eCIFM also supported us when technical issues arose by taking the issue to TRIRIGA Customer Support and supporting us to resolve the issue promptly.  eCIFM has continued to support us  as we gradually fine tune reports, add and adjust user groups, and implement additional modules.”

– Project Manager, School District

eCIFM On The Go! makes part ordering more efficient. I can organize my work tasks at the supplier and quickly figure out what I need.”

– Lead Electrician, School District

“Using the eCIFM On The Go!’s camera and note features, I can document issues related to my work tasks and upload them for my supervisors and coworkers to view.”

– Lead Control Technician, School District

“I am not a computer person and have struggled using the latest technologies. However, learning how to use eCIFM On The Go! has been easier than expected and I now get my work tasks coded out quicker than with paper.”

– Locksmith, School District

Our Work in Action:

Watch Watson IoT host Graeme Noseworthy talk to Wayne Coffey about how Portland Public Schools is using TRIRIGA to tackle the challenges of facility condition assessments and how mobile simplifies these projects.