eCIFM Solutions Launches eCIFM On-The-Go Version 4.0 – Expanding its Innovative Mobile Applications

San Ramon, CA (10/1/14) – As organizations continue to look for effective ways to improve operational efficiencies, eCIFM Solutions (eCIFM) launches Version 4.0 of its popular and widely accepted eCIFM On-The-Go, which adds data collection functionality and improves the user experience of this innovative mobile application.

eCIFM On-The-Go is the industry’s best mobile solution for remote facility workers and allows field employees to manage work orders, assets and inventory, while improving their response time, increasing productivity and lowering operating costs. eCIFM On-The-Go is compatible with both Apple iOS and Android platforms and offers complementary features to the widely successful IBM TRIRIGA® Workplace Enterprise Management suite.

Included in the Version 4.0 release are the following key features:

  • Improved overall user experience
  • Added part tracking capabilities
  • New preventive maintenance procedures
  • Enhanced asset inspection data collection
  • Improved geo-mapping functionalities

In prior releases, eCIFM has expanded the capabilities of its unique product. Previously released versions include:

  • Version 1.0 – Launched eCIFM On-The-Go for Palm OS in 2004 for inventory collection & work order management
  • Version  2.0 – Developed eCIFM On-The-Go for Android & Apple iOS devices
  • Version 3.0 – Added document manager, energy meter readings, technician time reporting, integrated camera functionalities, increased offline & in-field work order management, including data collection for condition & energy assessment

“We are excited to launch eCIFM On-The-Go 4.0 and proud of the latest updates to help organizations maximize efficiencies within their workplace,” said Sanjiv Paul Singh, AIA, Vice President of eCIFM. “eCIFM is committed to offering high-quality integrated workplace management solutions using its in-depth knowledge and experience with the IBM TRIRIGA product. As a result of successful implementations, clients have increased return on investment through improved alignment with their real estate and facilities portfolios.”

Upon implementation of IBM TRIRIGA and eCIFM On-The-Go 4.0, organizations will see how eCIFM offers Integrated Workplace Management Solutions aimed to exceed expectations and deliver effective results.

About eCIFM Solutions Inc.

Founded in 2000, eCIFM Solutions Inc. is a Gold accredited IBM Premier Business Partner providing Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS) for organizations looking to improve their organization’s real estate portfolios, facilities and workplace management. The Gold accreditation is IBM’s highest level emphasizing eCIFM’s proven ability to provide advanced deployment professionals for the IBM TRIRIGA Solutions. eCIFM has over 15 years of experience implementing IWMS solutions for clients in the corporate, education, federal, state, and local government. eCIFM’s value added solutions boost an organization’s overall operational effectiveness and helps its clients achieve significant return from their investments. For more information about eCIFM, visit the eCIFM website or call (925) 830 – 1925.