eCIFM Solutions Inc. Exhibiting and Speaking at IBM Pulse 2013

San Ramon, CA – Feb 14, 2013 – eCIFM Solutions Inc. today announced that they will be participating and exhibiting at the upcoming IBM Pulse event at the MGM Grand hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. The event is scheduled from Mar 3rd thru Mar 6th. eCIFM Solutions Inc. invites Pulse attendees and other exhibitors at their booth, #E511 where eCIFM Solutions Inc. experts will provide their audience with deep insights into the experience gained over a decade of implementations, installations, and support on innovative solutions delivered to their diverse set of clients. In addition to exhibiting, eCIFM Solutions Inc. will also share live case studies, presented in conjunction with eCIFM’s esteemed clients. eCIFM Solutions Inc. invites Pulse attendees to experience these sessions and learn how eCIFM Solutions Inc. exploited IBM TRIRIGA Integrated Workplace Management Services (IWMS) solution to help organizations better manage their existing real estate and work order management systems.

In anticipation of the event, Sanjiv Singh, vice president of eCIFM Solutions Inc. spoke about their expectations from the event: “We want to take the exhibiting and speaking opportunity to meet and talk face-to-face with the Pulse audience, and help them understand the business and the technology challenges our clients face from day-to-day facilities operations and maintenance. We want to showcase the use of IBM TRIRIGA technology combined with our capabilities, and our innovative solutions that help our clients solve their business challenges, meets their business demands, and their stakeholder’s needs,” mentioned Singh.

eCIFM Solutions Inc. provides IWMS and Computer Aided Facilities Management (CAFM) solutions to help organizations become efficient workplace, and improve their facilities by streamlining their operations. At this year’s Pulse event, eCIFM Solutions Inc. aspires to generate awareness around their innovative implementation solutions that solved challenges for their two very diverse clients – first, a local government entity, second, a federal government entity. In their first session, showcasing the bi-directional integration between IBM TRIRIGA and IBM Maximo, the eCIFM Solutions Inc. team hopes that all the IBM Maximo users; seeking to leverage the IBM TRIRIGA IWMS capabilities, while keeping Maximo for their work order management, will learn how a single, seamless solution can open them up to unparalleled operational efficiencies. In their second session, eCIFM Solutions Inc. invites federal government officials to get an insight on making IBM TRIRIGA, Real Property Inventory Requirements (RPIR) compliant with the Department of Defense mandated requirement for all the defense administered properties.

About eCIFM Solutions Inc.

Founded in 2000, eCIFM Solutions Inc. is a Gold accredited IBM Premier Business Partner providing Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS) for organizations looking to improve their organization’s real estate portfolios, facilities and workplace management. The Gold accreditation is IBM’s highest level emphasizing eCIFM’s proven ability to provide advanced deployment professionals for the IBM TRIRIGA Solutions. eCIFM has over 15 years of experience implementing IWMS solutions for clients in the corporate, education, federal, state, and local government. eCIFM’s value added solutions boost an organization’s overall operational effectiveness and helps its clients achieve significant return from their investments. For more information about eCIFM, visit the eCIFM website or call (925) 830 – 1925.