Real Estate Manager

Real Estate Manager

How Integration Is the Key to Your Workplace Management System

Portfolio Planning

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Lease Administration

Lease Accounting

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FASB Compliance

IBM TRIRIGA® Real Estate Manager provides a comprehensive review of the operational, financial, and environmental performance of the real estate portfolio, a status of each property, and a precise cost of each location.  Real Estate Manager identifies high-return real estate transactions and reduces overall costs.

TRIRIGA offers:

  • Tracking and managing of real estate contract obligations, real estate lease agreements, owned property agreements, space use agreements, and service level agreements
  • Consolidating real estate strategic objectives of organizations with portfolio plans
  • Tracking critical lease information required for reporting against guidelines and regulations such as 10k reporting, deferred rent liabilities, future obligation statements, FASB 13 and 143, and the new lease accounting standard
  • Providing a side-by-side comparison of scenarios against current term and other transaction scenarios