The Six Pillars of IWMS: The Ultimate Enterprise Management Tool

How many programs do you use to get a complete view of your operation? Do you have a complete view? If you’re switching between multiple spreadsheets every month to stay current or using separate dedicated applications to handle lease administration, capital projects, space management and other tasks, there’s a better way.

With IBM TRIRIGA, you can shine a light on high expenses and see where changes may be needed. Sometimes it’s just a matter of proper reporting. If you don’t have a good single-view enterprise management tool, it’s tough to know what your organization is spending—and that’s with accurate data. We’ve seen organizations report huge spending on a single piece of equipment, only to run a second report and discover that someone had accidentally entered an extra zero.

Organizations with dozens and even thousands of locations rely on integrated workplace management systems (IWMS) like IBM TRIRIGA®  to get a single real-time view of everything in their portfolios. Information on real estate, operations and maintenance, facilities management and more are all available through the same web-based program—and every module has access to the same updated data. That’s the key to getting the most value from your portfolio: using an integrated system designed to achieve and maintain maximum profitability at all of your locations.

One Enterprise Management Tool To Rule Them All

If you’re managing a hefty real estate portfolio—perhaps in multiple countries, each possessing its own compliance requirements and operational quirks—you know the challenges involved. To make the best strategic decisions, you need to share real-time information across locations, divisions, processes, people and projects. You and your team may be responsible for handling everything from selecting new building sites to closing old or obsolete ones and everything in between. With an IWMS, you and your team can make accurate, data-driven decisions with enough lead time to catch potential problems before they occur.

That’s where the Six Pillars of TRIRIGA—Real Estate Manager, Capital Projects Manager, Facilities Manager, Workplace Reservation Manager, Workplace Operations Manager and Energy Manager—come in handy. With the Real Estate Manager module of IBM TRIRIGA, you won’t forget to collect that $60,000 security deposit when vacating a space after fifteen years. Workplace Operations Manager will help you make repair-versus-replace decisions. Capital Projects Manager will keep your facility development and renovation projects on schedule and within budget. TRIRIGA places all that information at the fingertips of your team as needed. With eCIFM’s On The Go! mobile apps, you can even put TRIRIGA in the hands of users in the field to enable onsite staff to capture valuable data in the moment.

FASB Standard Compliant

IBM TRIRIGA is updated and improved continuously. That includes updating to ensure regulatory and financial compliance throughout your portfolio. With the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) declaring that leases must be capitalized by January 1, 2019, many companies are scrambling to review their real estate holdings. IBM has been updating TRIRIGA to help users comply. If you’ll need to review lease terms for your portfolio anyway, this IWMS can do the lion’s share of the work, sending mobile updates to managers and occupants of individual locations to make sure everything gets accounted for properly.

Why eCIFM?

eCIFM includes some of the world’s top TRIRIGA experts, who take the pain out of IWMS implementation and data migration. We’ve helped organizations in many industries get the most value from their information and make the best data-driven decisions possible. eCIFM is a premier IBM business partner and certified value-added reseller for IBM TRIRIGA. We’ve also been awarded a Gold Accreditation for TRIRIGA deployments three years running.

If you’re not getting the data you need in a single view, let us know. We look forward to helping you unlock your data’s full potential.

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How to Choose an IWMS

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Configuring and Customizing Your Integrated Workplace Management System

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Lower Business Energy Costs with IBM TRIRIGA

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