Real Estate Management

Integration between IBM TRIRIGA and IBM Maximo


IBM TRIRIGA centralizes and integrates critical facility management processes to improve the effectiveness of a distributed workforce, increase the utilization of physical facilities and accelerate the configuration of an organization’s workplace. IBM Maximo Asset Management solutions manages all types of assets — production, infrastructure, facilities, transportation and communications all on a common platform.

The Bi-Directional Integration

The bi-directional integration between the two systems provides real time, two way flow of portfolio, moves, space, and work order information that enables synchronization of the portfolio information, work orders and move requests seamlessly.


Integrating IBM Maximo and IBM TRIRIGA’s core functionalities can result in unparalleled operational efficiencies such as increased productivity, increased automation, and efficiency. It eliminates multiple disparate systems, and provides a single integrated shared system capable of cross communications. The integrated system allows users to limit their interactions to only one of these two specialized applications, resulting in faster response time, increased data accuracy and consistency, improved reporting capabilities, decision making, increased space utilization, and increased ability to identify cost deferment opportunities.

IBM Product Used

  • Tivoli
    • IBM Maximo Asset Management
    • IBM TRIRIGA CAD Integrator/Publisher
    • IBM TRIRIGA Connector for Business Application
    • IBM TRIRIGA Facilities Manager
    • IBM TRIRIGA Portfolio Data Manager
    • IBM TRIRIGA Real Estate Manager
    • IBM TRIRIGA Request Central
    • IBM TRIRIGA Strategic Facility Planning

IBM Services Used

  • IBM Solution Support Services
  • Business Solutions: Application Innovation
  • Consulting
  • Education & Training
  • Professional Services
  • Services: Application Implementation
  • Services: Application Management
  • Small & Medium Business Solutions

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