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For the past four years, Gartner Group has recognized IBM TRIRIGA applications as the leader in the industry. IBM TRIRIGA is an easy-to-use, web-based system that addresses all Design-through-OperationTM (DTOTM) business functions related to real estate, operations and maintenance, and facilities management, providing a smooth flow of real-time information across locations, divisions, processes, people, and projects. This comprehensive approach supports centralized control, seamless communication, and improved process efficiency throughout the enterprise. DTO TM includes all the processes related to Facilities and Assets – from Work Orders and Preventive Maintenance to Space Management to Strategic Facilities Planning, Condition Assessment and Project Management.


Built on the industry’s most sophisticated, proven, and reliable technology platform, IBM TRIRIGA delivers all the functionality to meet your current requirements, with the ability and scalability to accommodate future needs. Combining these interrelated functions into one solution helps to create synergy and reduce operational costs.


The IBM TRIRIGA Workplace Enterprise Management Suite includes modules for Facility Management such as space management, strategic facility planning, operations, work order management, preventive maintenance management, assets, equipment, tools, and many others.




IBM TRIRIGA Real Estate Manager provides financial executives with a clear and comprehensive view of the operational, financial and environmental performance of their real estate portfolio, the status of each property and the precise cost of each location through Portfolio Planning, Transaction Management and Lease Management. Portfolio plans consolidate the real estate strategic objectives of organizations. Transaction Management ensures the effective delivery of the organizations real estate strategy, reducing project cycle times. Lease Administration tracks and manages real estate contract obligations, real estate lease agreements, owned property agreements, space use agreements and service level agreements. Lease Accounting tracks critical lease information required for reporting against federal guidelines and regulations such as 10k reporting, deferred rent liabilities, future obligation statements, FASB 13 and 143, and the pending lease accounting standard. IBM TRIRIGA Real Estate Manager helps improve lease accounting, reduce overall costs, increase return on assets and achieve higher profitability.


IBM TRIRIGA Capital Projects Manager is enterprise-wide software, providing organizations with the highest possible returns from capital projects by accelerating project schedules through advanced project planning and management features. It identifies priorities for allocation of funding within capital programs, analyzes project risks and associated rewards, automates project management controls and tracks funding sources in order to effectively deliver ad hoc projects or complex capital construction programs.


IBM TRIRIGA Facilities Manager is an integral part of Computer Aided Facility Management (CAFM), which helps your organization to manage your space most efficiently. Space efficiency is achieved by optimizing occupancy, and return on investment is maximized by being able to charge organizations for the space they occupy. With a baseline accurate inventory of your space footprint, you are able to plan and forecast for future space needs utilizing the state of the art Space Planning and Forecasting functionality of the application. Move Management capabilities of the application enable you to track all components and complex relationships of moves within your organization. By efficiently tracking your moves, both small and large, you are able to reduce the Churn Rate and reduce operational cost. The bi-directional link between TRIRIGA Facilities Manager and TRIRIGA CAD Integrator facilitates accurate capturing of Space Occupancy. The native graphical interface within the application enables you to leverage graphical reporting and query capabilities without the use of an AutoCAD license.


IBM TRIRIGA Operations Manager is a robust Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) that helps organizations to manage their building equipment and assets over their lifecycle in order to reduce maintenance expenses and deliver high-quality service. It provides organizations with critical information needed to not only preserve, but also enhance the utility, safety and value of their property and assets. It automates corrective and preventive maintenance services, including resource assignment, work order status, task lists, self-service requests, approvals, dispatching, cost tracking and reports. IBM TRIRIGA Facility Assessment tracks and evaluates buildings, equipment and asset condition and life expectancy, recording deficiencies and environmental opportunities to improve the condition of real estate assets. Accurate Facility Condition Index (FCI) data is readily available, leading to improved capital planning.


IBM TRIRIGA Environmental Manager offers organizations the capability to reach their sustainability goals by tracking and managing energy use and environmental performance across the enterprise facilities and assets. It provides a single repository of environmental data that is used to manage, track and improve environmental performance, evaluate opportunities to reduce costs and manage project implementation.