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Data Consolidator

In a paper world where routine printing requests require each individual record and associated document to be viewed, printed and collated separately, extraordinary amount of man hours go wasted simply for collecting, saving and printing the information needed to perform day to day work. Data Consolidator allows this information to be collated and assembled to help you to handle extensive record keeping and associated document retention and retrieval.


The Data Consolidator seamlessly bundles information and documents of varying formats into one concise file. Once bundled, it properly collates sequences and formats documents to present them so they can be viewed online, saved, emailed or printed. Extensive analytics can be gleaned from organized and compiled information.

The Data Consolidator offers the capability to print documents from disparate applications as one PDF file. If you have been selecting-viewing-printing, selecting-viewing-printing, selecting-viewing-printing, selecting-viewing-printing-collating, Repeating…., and then crossing your fingers for all your information to be together and your documents to be at the printer, then Data Consolidator is THE solution for you.

Use Data Consolidator with any IBM TRIRIGA module to:

Save Time and Increase Productivity:

  • Eliminate nonproductive time spent compiling multiple documents for printing
  • Avoid printing by using electronic PDF files of all the organized information
  • Save printing time by allowing the requestor the ability to select hundreds of work orders and their associated documents at once
  • Avoid missing documents in a work order (such as facility drawings, photos, procedures).


Better Manage Data:

  • Organize information for future reference and analytics
  • Consolidate unrelated files into one package
  • Standardize your output
  • Create email friendly documents in a standard PDF format.


Increase Overall Efficiency:

  • Receive “Green” benefits as organizations reduce waste and inefficiency
  • Create positive user experience satisfaction from improved printing process.


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